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Ward's Automotive undefeated in Men's B slo-pitch

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Well, week two of Tillsonburg’s slo-pitch season is in the books as we enjoyed another beautiful week of summer weather. And everyone is adhering to the protocols to keep everyone safe!

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Men’s A

Platinum Concrete Diamond Kings had a walk-off win over Bob’s Sister while Bob’s held off a late charge from Haines Roofing to win by one.

Platinum 27, Lounsbury 21

Platinum: Joe Thorburn 6-6, Aaron Laporte 6-6 2HR, Matt Heleniak 2HR, Steve Balazs-HR, Chris Sanders-HR

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts: Joe Fansher 4-4-HR, Tim Townsend 4-4 2HR, Stephen DeBlaire-HR, Thom Puhr-HR, Cheyne Sarafinchin-HR

Platinum 21, Bob’s 20

Platinum: Nathan Peacock 5-5 HR, Steve Balazs 3-4, Shawn Finch-HR, Heleniak-HR, Adam Thomson-HR, Tyler Lamb-HR

Bob’s: Bryan DeBlaire 5-5 2HR, Mike Supinski 5-5 HR, Josh Stubbs-2HR

Bob’s 32, Haines 31

Bob’s: Bob Evans 5-5 HR, Jason Ashton 5-6 HR, Stubbs-2HR, Steve Derks-2HR, Bryan DeBlaire-HR

Haines: Kyle Smith 7-7, Scott Harris 6-6, Dave Phillips-2HR, Tim Pressey-2HR, Kevin Harrop-HR

Haines 16, Platinum 11

Haines: Pressey 4-5 HR, Dave Van Wyk 4-5 2HR, Phillips-HR

Platinum: Finch 3-3, Trevor Oakes 3-4, Laporte-HR

Haines 19, Lounsbury 4

Haines: Harrop 4-4, Travis Horvath 3-4, Greg Buchner-HR, Pressey-2HR, Phillips-HR

GC: Townsend 2-3 HR, Trevor Stuyt-HR

Men’s B

Ward’s have yet to lose after recording victories over Chaos and Team Awesome.

Ward’s 20, Chaos 10

Ward’s: Braydon Rodgers 5-5 HR, Trevor Hawley 4-4 HR, Connor Smith-2HR, Brendon Velda-HR

Chaos: Dave Phipps 4-4, Nathan Boldt 3-4, R.J. Peters-HR

Smitty’s Electric 29, Awesome 16

Smitty’s: Nick Joesse 5-5, Kevin MacDonald 3-4, Johnny Klassen-3HR, Jesse Legg-2HR

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Awesome: Marty Hawel 3-4, Dan McRae 3-3, James Murray-2HR, Martin Klassen-2HR, Shane Hall-HR

Chaos 27, Smitty’s 13

Chaos: Kevin Listar 5-5 HR, Joe Miller 5-5, Ryan Miller-HR, Phipps-HR

Smitty’s: Alex Dalby 3-4, Ross Groat 3-4, J. Klassen-HR

Ward’s 20, Awesome 14

Ward’s: Troy Lamoure 3-3, Gus Ford 3-4, Brendon Velda-2HR, Pat McElhone HR, Chad Ingalls-HR, Ryan Bruckler-HR

Awesome: Steve Smith 4-4, Dan Dietrich 3-4, Murray-2HR, Dan McRae-HR, Hall-HR, Hawel-HR

Men’s C

Sluggers continue to dominate the division with easy victories over Trophy Property Expos and Norfolk Electric.

Sluggers 28, Norfolk 13

Sluggers: Pete Dyck 4-4, Cameron Bueckert 4-4 2HR, Billy Redecop-2HR, David Berg-HR, Martin Fehr-HR, Nick Neufeld-HR

Norfolk: Logan Korten 3-3, Phil Beauvais 3-4, Keith McMerty-HR, Tom Gammage-HR

Sluggers 20, Trophy 5

Sluggers: Daniel Enns 4-4, David Berg 4-4 HR, Evan Bueckert-HR, Fehr-2HR

Trophy: Josh Dewatcher 3-3, Wil Hanson 2-2, Trevor Fleet-HR

Pelicans 32, Norfolk 15

Pelicans: Tyler Danbrook 6-6, Brandon Edward 5-5 HR, Adam Jensen-2HR, Andrew Kamenar 2HR

Norfolk: AJ Johnson 3-3 HR, Gerald Korten 3-3, Gammage-HR

Trophy 19, Pelicans 9

Trophy: Fleet 4-5, Christian Devlin 5-5, Jordan Bruckler-HR, Craig Robb-HR

Pelicans: Edward 3-4, Pat Dion 2-3

Men’s D

John Beere won a pair over Catlack Excavating and beat Bad News Bears to post an unbeaten record.

Beere 22, Catlack 14

Beere: Jason Verhegghe 4-4, Jesse Anderson 3-3, Cody Long-HR, Kevin Hollister-HR, Tim Minors-HR

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Catlack: Cole Vuylsteke 3-4, Andrew Pocs 4-5

Beere 27, Bears 19

Beere: Bob Long 4-4, Kalvin Smith 4-4 HR, C. Long-HR, Minors-HR, Anderson-HR, Mark Carel-HR, Shawn Brooks-HR

Bears: Darryl Beattie 5-5 3HR, Scott Beattie 4-5, Dillon Terry-HR, Mike Evanitski-HR

Beere 21, Catlack 12

Beere: C. Long 4-4, Verhegge 3-4

Catlack: Pocs 3-4, Chad Vigar 3-4

Jokers 18, Bears 5

Jokers: Chris White 3-3, Josh Vandermeer 3-3, Ryan Copping (Gr Slam), Brent Schooley-HR, Rob Stortz-HR, Brian Simmonds-HR

Bears: D. Terry 3-3, Ryder Terry 2-3, D. Beattie-HR

Men’s E

Brew Jays won a close one over Crusaders, who won a low-scoring affair with Inner Bay Renos.

Crusaders 4, Inner Bay 2

Crusaders: David Klassen 2-2, Abe Hamm 2-2 HR, Henry Klassen-HR

Inner Bay: Josh Hollis 1-2

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