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Voice of Slo-Pitch: 60 and still lovin' it

This was a big milestone week for me as I hit the 60 mark on Friday.

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All health allowing, I should play slo-pitch on Friday in my fifth decade.

When I transferred from Brantford to Tillsonburg, I wondered where the heck I was going to. Back then there was an age limit and I started playing Slo-Pitch League when I turned 21 in an 11-team league for a team sponsored by Battery Supply. Then played with a new team West Flooring, and from there with the same nucleus on Sun Ray Jays for several years. Then I left town to play in the S.W.O.X league with Brownsville Blues where we won several championships alongside my buddy forever Gord Lonsbary, still doing my Voice of Slo-Pitch column now covering all three leagues

After our dynasty team broke up I then played with Lonsbary Machine Blues, F.L. Smith Blues and then finishing out with the A.D. Hitmen. The league membership went down and I moved back to the Tillsonburg League given an opportunity to play with Ross Russel’s new team My Bar And Grill along with my buddy Trevor Fleet. Trevor and I then formed Bank Robbers, then Rooks and Vets, Brad Cole Orioles, and now given a chance to keep playing this year with a young bunch coached by Keith Agnew and Christian Devlin, Trophy Property Expos.

I have also had the honour of coaching a great bunch of Ladies starting out with Dynamic Fluid, E.R. Adams Insurance, Cadman, Great Lakes Physio and now Corey’s Restaurant, and what I always tell everyone is that good, talented and dedicated players help me be a good coach!

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So getting back to why I have never left here is because this town is a Slo-Pitch town and I love the game! I love playing, coaching, umpiring and spectating. I loved scheduling, being the stats man, and volunteering any way I can.

None of my buddies are still playing from when I was even in my late 20’s however I did get a chance to play with a couple when I played Senior Ball for a couple years.

From when I first started coaching ladies, Deb Simmonds, Kim King and Christine Gubesch only remain from the first team I coached.

When we played Men’s back in the day it was all about nicknames in our League – Luke, Buckwheat, Nute, Bonzo, Roddy, Cap, Woody, Lump, Louie, Soupy and of course lots of Smitty’s. It was beer kitty after the game and then off to close down the Royal! Through this sport or game is where my friendships in this town have formed and continue as the Leagues continue to thrive!

Men’s A

Robert Q Travel won a pair last week defeating Maple View Variety and G.C. Lounsbury Inc.

Maple View won a close one over Haines Roofing while Haines collected a big victory over I.C. Waters.

G.C. won by three over Platinum Concrete Diamond Kings.

Robert Q Travel 32,

Maple View Variety 19

Robert Q – Jim McKibbon 4-5, Randy Zylstra 4-5, Josh Stubbs 2 HR, Darren Pace HR, Mike Wencel HR, Steve Derks HR, Ryan Black 2 HR

Maple View – Peter Epp 5-5, Henry Boldt 4-5, Ryan Miller 2 HR, Tim Townsend HR, Johnny Epp 2 HR, Randy Miller HR

The game was tied after the sixth. Robert Q exploded for 14 runs in the seventh to take the win. Ryan Black homered twice in the inning.

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Robert Q Travel 19,

G.C. Lounsbury 16

Robert Q – Bryan DeBlaire 5-5, Mike Wencel 4-4, Ryan Black HR

G.C. – Trevor Stuyt 4-4 2 HR, Devin Lee 2-2

Robert Q plated in consecutive innings en route to the victory. Jim McKibbon, Darren Pace and Bryan DeBlaire each scored three runs on the night.

Maple View Variety 17m

Haines Roofing 16

Maple View – Nathan Boldt 4-5, Johnny Epp 3-4, Ben Boldt HR

Haines – Brad Wentzell 3-4, Dave Phillips 5-5

Maple View got some much needed insurance runs in the seventh as Haines almost pulled this one out scoring four in their half stranding the tying run at third.

G.C. Lounsbury 20,

Platinum Concrete Diamond Kings 17

G.C. – Cory Smith 4-4, Devin Lee 4-4, Kent Collings 4-4 2 HR

Platinum – Dave Hodges 5-5, Kieran Taylor 4-4, Scott Balasz HR, Tyler Lamb HR

Kent Collings homered twice, tripled and scored four runs for G.C.

Haines Roofing 23,

I.C. Waters 14

Haines – Dan Clark 4-5, Phil Durham 5-5 HR, Dave Phillips HR, Kevin Harrop HR

I.C. Waters – Scott Mudford 3-5 HR, Darren Swick 3-4, Scott Beattie HR

Dan Clark and Kevin Harrop each crossed the plate four times for the winners.

Men’s B

Team Awesome upset first place Ward’s Automotive with an exciting walk-off victory and almost doubled up in a win over Corey’s Restaurant. Ward’s rebounded with a close win over Hounds. Corey’s split on the week beating Matteo’s Pizza. Matteo’s evened their week with a mercy over R n D Carpentry Kekambas.

Team Awesome 27,

Corey’s Restaurant 15

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Team Awesome – Steve Smith 5-5, Josh Scott 5-5, Tyler Vantyghem HR, Marty Hawel 3 HR, Devon Homick HR

Corey’s – Brett Sinden 4-4, Bob Long 3-4

Marty Hawel led the Awesome squad with three homers and a double.

Team Awesome 21,

Ward’s Automotive 20

Team Awesome – Matt Davis 3-3, Jordy Thompson 3-3, Steve Voth HR, Shane Hall HR, Dan McRae HR

Ward’s – Gus Ford 3-4, Troy Lamoure 3-4

Ward’s let this one slip away in the seventh as Team Awesome went back to back to back in their last at-bat walking it off with a Presen Jepsen single as they scored six in the frame.

Corey’s Restaurant 17,

Matteo’s Pizza 13

Corey’s – Dave Mathews 4-4, James Greenhill 3-4

Matteo’s – Alex Dalby 4-4, Doug Falkins 3-4, Dallas Dalby HR

Mike Mesquita drove in four for Corey’s.

Ward’s Automotive 11,

Hounds 9

Ward’s – Brett Parsons 3-3, Gus Ford 2-3 HR

Hounds – Mike Bouck 4-4, Shane Bouck 3-4

Brett Parsons had a bases clearing triple for Ward’s in their six-run second.

Matteo’s Pizza 24,

R n D Carpentry Kekambas 9

Matteo’s – Martin Klassen 5-5 HR, Jake Friesen 4-4, Alex Dalby HR, Allan Speering HR

R n D – Jason Davis 3-4, Kyle Hollister HR, Evan Prouse HR

Matteo’s leadoff batter Martin Klassen hit for the cycle.

Sunrise Equipment Roosters 8,

Pelicans 6

Sunrise – Mitch Graham 3-3, Jon Hall 3-3, Mark Hamulecki HR

Pelicans – Ryan Verbuyst 3-4, Nick Dovsek 3-3

Mitch Graham led the winners with a pair of doubles and the game-winning RBI.

Men’s C

Hit N Run just keep rolling along winning twice last week. They were pushed in their game with Orchard Crest Farms only winning by two.

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Trophy Property Corp Expos continue to chase Hit N Run winning by six over Orchard Crest.

Orchard Crest walked it off against Circus Room.

Hit N Run 26,

Circus Room 5

Hit N Run – Jacob Klassen 2-2, Abe Klassen 4-4 (2 HR), Jake Klassen HR, Diedrich Klassen, Herman Enns HR, Jacob Enns HR

Circus Room – Chris Brown 2-2, Chris Bevan 2-3

Ten of Hit N Run’s batters scored at least two runs.

Hit N Run 16,

Orchard Crest Farms 14

Hit N Run – Abe Klassen 4-4 (2 HR), Jacob Klassen 3-3, Diedrich Klassen 2 HR, Jake Klassen HR

Orchard Crest – Craig Boucher 3-4, Kevin Listar 3-3, Mark Vanderhaeghe HR, Andrew Barnim HR

Abe Klassen’s two-run sixth-inning homer was the eventual game winning RBI.

Orchard Crest Farms 23,

Circus Room 22

Orchard Crest – Steve Goodwin 5-5, Andrew Barnim 5-5 (2 HR), Mark Vanderhaeghe 2 HR, Kalvin Smith HR, Craig Boucher HR

Circus Room – Ryan Copping 4-4, Justin Lockstep 4-4 HR, Jesse Legg 2 HR, Keith Mcmerty HR, Mark Carrel HR

Mark Vanderhaeghe walked it off for Orchard Crest with a two-run blast.

Trophy Property Corp Expos 20,

Orchard Crest Farms 14

Trophy Property – Spencer Meron 4-4, Trevor Fleet 4-4, Keith Agnew 2 HR, Will Hanson HR

Orchard Crest – Craig Boucher 4-4 2 HR, John Nichols 4-4, Mark Vanderhaeghe 4-4 (3 HR), Kalvin Smith HR

Keith Agnew homered in consecutive at-bats to lead Trophy Propery. Trevor Fleet and Spencer Meron each scored four runs.

Men’s D

Sluggers and Catlack Excavating each won big over Bad News Bears last week.

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Sluggers 16,

Bad News Bears 6

Sluggers – Jake Sawatzy 3-4, Billy Redekop 3-4, Jake Friesen HR, David Berg HR

Bears – Shane Hoshal 3-3, Cam Curtis 4-4

Sluggers broke open a close game with a seven-run fifth. Billy Redekop led with three triples.

Catlack Excavating 24,

Bad News Bears 11

Catlack – Darren Carpani 4-5, Andrew Pocs 4-5

Bears – Jordan White 3-4, Chris Simmons 4-5

Catlack scored runs in every inning in the win.

Ladies A

There is only one unbeaten team left in all of Tillsonburg Slo-pitch after Corey’s Restaurant mercied Indi-Girls in their first meeting of the season. Corey’s had to come from behind to defeat B leader Center Point Contractors by four.

Indi-Girls got back on the winning side shutting out George’s Auto. Service Master scored three late to upend Advanced Auto/Morgan Realty by three, then mercied Crazy Pitches.

Advanced edged out Shady Akers in a walk-off win.

Indi-Girls 18,

George’s Auto 0

Indi-Girls – Alisha Stubbs 3-3, Tena Bueckert 3-3, Tamarah Schultz HR

George’s – Kerilyn Bruckler 2-2

Tena Bueckert led Indi-Girls with three triples.

Corey’s Restaurant 16,

Indi-Girls 4

Corey’s – Shannon O’Neil 3-4, Kim King 3-4

Indi-Girls – Jen Mowatt 1-2, Tena Bueckert 2-3

Corey’s spotted Indi-Girls a 4-0 lead then shut them out after the first while plating 16 the rest of the way. Natasha Noel had a two-run triple and Shannon O’Neil a two-run double for the winners.

Advanced Automotive/Morgan Realty 19,

Shady Akers 18

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Advanced – Belinda Loewen 5-5, Tracey Coderre 3-4, Jenni Smith HR, Krystal Sivyer HR

Shady Akers – Chani Homewood 5-5, Jess Howe 4-5

Niki Lama scored Advanced’s game winning run in the seventh.

Corey’s Restaurant 10,

Center Point Contractors 6

Corey’s – Tanya Byers 3-3, Lauren Duffy 4-4

Center Point – Kim Gee 3-3, Jen Kichler 3-3

Center Point scored six in the fifth to wipe out a four-run deficit. Corey’s tied it in their half and took the lead for good with a four-run sixth. Shannon O’Neil hit a long double scoring two in the rally.

Service Master 12,

Advanced Automotive/Morgan Realty 9

Service Master – Crystal Laforge 3-3, Becky Abbott 3-3

Advanced – Belinda Loewen 3-3, Shannon Collings 2-4

Service Master won it with a three-run sixth. Becky Dancy led off the rally with a one-out double.

Service Master 15,

Crazy Pitches 0

Service Master – Denise Pelletier 4-4, Tracy VanPuymbroeck 3-3

Crazy Pitches – Andrea Bryan 1-2

Denise Pelletier and Tracy VanPuymbroeck each scored three runs for Service Master.

Ladies B

Crazy Pitches captured their first win of the season winning by one in a close one with Pink Sox. Shady Akers downed SOS Towing and first place Center Point Contractors mercied George’s Auto.

Center Point Contractors 18,

George’s Auto 5

Center Point – Jess Salverda 4-4, Kerry Jensen 3-3

George’s – Ashley Krausar 3-3, Taylor Bailey 1-1

Jess Salverda, Keri Sunderland and Kerry Jensen all reached and scored in their first three plate appearances for Center Point.

Crazy Pitches 20,

Pink Sox 19

Crazy Pitches – Lyndsay Miller 4-4, Rebecca Caza 4-4

Pink Sox – Rachelle Platteuw 5-5, Melissa Barnim 5-5

Andrea Bevan had the walk-off hit for Crazy Pitches who scored six fifth-inning runs.

Shady Akers 20,

SOS Towing 10

Shady Akers – Sandy Dekeyser 4-5, Chani Homewood 5-5

SOS – Heidi Hopper 4-4, Erica Thompson 3-4

Chani Homewood, Roxy and Sandy Dekeyser each scored three runs for Shady Akers.

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