Facciotti shares 450 Pro lead going into Round 5

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Colton Facciotti (Honda Canada GDR Fox) has been around the track a few times in his professional motocross career.

Enough to know when to push and when not to. Saturday, it was time not to push.

Healthy through the first three rounds of the Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Pro Nationals, Facciotti had a nagging neck injury at Gopher Dunes Saturday that slowed him down in Round 4.

“I hurt my neck a couple weeks ago, just practicing, and I thought it might be a bit of an issue,” said Facciotti. “Practicing this week, it felt good.”

Right before the first moto, however, it started to tighten up. He finished fourth in both Saturday motos and was fourth overall.

“I just kind of salvaged fourth there, just rode consistent. Didn’t feel the best, didn’t feel the worst, but definitely didn’t ride like myself. Just basically tried to keep ‘er on two wheels and get as many points as I could.”

The second moto was worse, he said, as track conditions changed.

“Obviously the track was pretty gnarly out there, probably one of the roughest I’ve seen it here. So that didn’t make things too much better on my back, but no excuses, I just didn’t quite have it today.”

Facciotti, 31, has the experience to know when it’s time ‘to go for it.’

“Sometimes the younger guys, I don’t know if they just don’t think about it as much, but they just go for it. I’m getting old,” he smiled, “so I think about it more. Is it worth it?”

His 46 points Saturday kept him in the lead in the 450 division, tied with Phil Nicoletti, going into Round 5 in Sand Del Lee, Ottawa this weekend.

“The first three rounds were really good, consistent,” said Facciotti, who had finished 2-1-1 in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

“We’re halfway through the series now… to come out of Gopher – I think I’m tied with Nicoletti – with good points and still be in the championship, that’s all you could ask for really. That track can bite you pretty quick and end your season.”

The Honda Canada GDR Fox team as a whole has been having one of its best ever seasons in the national motocross circuit.

“This was the first year that we actually had both red plates, Round 3, but he (Dylan Wright) will have it back next week,” said Facciotti.

“The next few tracks are all pretty awesome. As long as the weather’s good, they’re all pretty cool tracks. Gopher Dunes, it’s a fun track to practice on, but race day it just gets so gnarly. It’s tough out there, people don’t realize how tough it is. If you were to go walk around that track before we rode it, and then after we rode it, you’d be like ‘how are these guys even going over this stuff?’ It’s crazy.”

It makes it challenging, at times, to work through traffic, he said.

“You have to be careful because sometimes you don’t know what they’re going to do, if they’re going to come over on you. I know (Matt) Goerke ended up landing on a guy and breaking his bike. You kind of have to ‘not follow’ but a lot of times they’ll be in the smoothest line. So you want to take that line and you don’t want to get out of it. So you’re kind of weighing the options as you’re going behind them where you can make a clean pass. So yeah, it’s tough.”