Chaos upsets Ward’s Automotive in semifinals

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This coming week should be the culmination of the Tillsonburg Slo-Pitch season.

Best-of-three finals will be played Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The A, B and C championships will be played on Annandale 3 with D and E divisions competing on Kiwanis.

A Division

Platinum Concrete rallied late to knock off first-place Bob’s Sister in one semifinal and G.C. Lounsbury Dirty Mitts won easily over Haines Roofing in the other. The final will pit second-place G.C. against fourth-place Platinum.

Platinum 27, Bob’s 14

Platinum: Aaron Laporte 5-5, Kieran Taylor 4-4, Adam Thomson HR, Trevor Oakes HR, Tyler Lamb HR, Matt Heleniak HR, Kale Bilger HR, Shawn Finch HR

Bob’s: Josh Stubbs 3HR, Bryan DeBlaire 3-4, Darren Pace 2HR, Ryan Black HR, Mike Wencel HR

Platinum scored 14 runs in their final two at-bats.

G.C. 25, Haines 15

G.C.: Justin Miller 3-3, Travis Nikin 3-4, Trevor Stuyt HR, Jarrett Anderson HR, Colin MacDonald HR, Thom Puhr HR, Tim Townsend HR

Haines: Kyle Smith 4-4 HR, Travis Horvath 4-4 HR, Jake Klassen HR, Kevin Harrop HR, Greg Buchner HR

Sean and Justin Miller and Colin MacDonald all reached and scored in three consecutive at-bats.

B Division

Chaos upset top seeded Ward’s Automotive in the first B semifinal and third-place Team Awesome outslugged second-place Smitty’s Electric on Friday. The best-of-three final will feature the two bottom seeds.

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Chaos 30, Ward’s 23

Chaos: Nathan Boldt 6-6 HR, Dave Phipps 5-6 2HR, Randy Miller HR, Justin Clapdorp 2HR, Ryan Carroll HR

Ward’s: Ryan Bruckler 4-4, Brett Parsons 4-4, Brayden Rodgers 2HR, Connor Smith 2HR, Brandon Velda 2HR

Leadoff batter Nathan Boldt was the catalyst reaching and scoring six times.

Awesome 31, Smitty’s 20

Awesome: Martin Klassen 6-6 2HR, Dan Dietrich 5-5, Mike Burgess HR, Jon Nunn HR, Steve Voth HR, Derek Burgess HR

Smitty’s: Johnny Klassen 4-4, Doug Falkins 4-4 2HR, Ross Groat HR, Jesse Legg HR

C Division

It will be a rematch of last year’s semifinal as Trophy Property Expos and Sluggers will contend. Sluggers easily defeated Norfolk Electric in one semi and Trophy spotted Pelicans an early seven-run lead before outscoring them 18-0 after that.

Regular Season

Pelicans 27, Sluggers 26

Pelicans: Nick Wilson 4-4, Robert Verhoeve 4-4 HR Sluggers: Nick Neufeld 5-5, Cam Beuckert 4-5, Pete Dyck 3HR, Frank Harms HR, Evan Beuckert HR

Trophy 21, Norfolk 6

Trophy: Jayme Wallace 4-4, Matt McQueen 4-4, Andrew Garnham HR, Greg Fleming HR

Norfolk: Damion Bancroft 3-3, AJ Johnson 2-2


Sluggers 18, Norfolk 8

Sluggers: Martin Fohr 3-4, Pete Dyck 2-3, Evan Bueckert HR, Cam Bueckert HR

Norfolk: Tom Gammage 3-4, Damion Bancroft 3-4

Pete Dyck and Cam Bueckert each crossed three times.

Trophy 18, Pelicans 7

Trophy: Dave Weaver 3-4, Trevor Fleet 4-4, Spencer Meron HR, Wil Hanson HR

Pelicans: Matt Summers 2-3, Adam Jensen 2-3


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Trophy played some excellent defence behind the pitching of Trevor Fleet.

D Division

The top two seeds advanced to the final. John Beere won by nine over Catlack Excavating while second-place Jokers advanced winning by three over Bad News Bears.

Regular Season

Catlack 20, Brew Jays 11

Catlack: Andrew Pocs 5-5, Brady Silverthorne 4-4

Brew Jays: Josh Knoflock 4-5, Tom Csoff 3-4

John Beere 40, Inner Bay Renos 20

Beere: Bob Long 7-7, Shaun Elliott 7-7, Kalvin Smith HR, Theo Karagis HR, Cody Long 2HR, Shawn Brooks HR, Jason Verhaegghe 2HR

Inner: Mark Pressey 4-4 HR, Craig Petit 3-4, Jeff McKay 2 HR, Craig Boucher HR

Jokers 29, Catlack 12

Jokers: Wes McDougall 5-5, Scott Freeman 4-5, Brandon Pyette HR, Rob Stortz 2HR, Brian Simmonds HR, Ryan Copping HR, Chris White HR

Catlack: Justin French 3-4, Kevin Greenhead 4-5, Mike VanWynsberghe 2HR, Chad Vigar HR

Wes McDougall had five hits and scored five for Jokers.


John Beere 23, Catlack 14

Beere: Bob Long 5-5, Kalvin Smith 4-5, Shawn Brooks HR, Cody Long HR

Catlack: Justin French 4-4, Kyle Mudford 4-5, Chad Vigar HR

Pitcher Bob Long helped his own cause reaching and scoring five times.

Jokers 18, Bears 15

Jokers: Russell Morgan 4-4, Matt Freelan 4-4, Chris White HR, Ryan Copping HR

Bears: Ryder Terry 3-3 HR, Steve Vandegulik 3-3 HR, Jordan White HR, Dillon Terry HR, Scott Beattie HR

Matt Freelan led the Jokers with a triple and three singles.

E Division

Brew Jays and Inner Bay meet in the semifinals Tuesday. The winner will play Crusaders.