Curling ladies host Bronze Broom

Nora Peter - From the Hack - Tillsonburg Curling Club TN

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As we move into the third week of February we begin the season of champions with a full week of coverage of our National Women’s Tournament of Hearts coming to us from Sydney, Nova Scotia.

If you have the right TV package or know how to stream you can also find coverage of the World Juniors that are being held in Liverpol Nova Scotia, the Canadian Junior Men have already lost in an extra end to the USA team. As I write this I have watched a couple of the games from the Hearts and I like seeing the teams that haven’t been there before make a good start to the week. Nunavit celebrated their first win and BC another new team was doing well. It is very interesting hearing the curling pedigrees of all these young curlers – many of them have curling in their DNA!! Homan and Jones of course are the favorites and won their first games but it will be interesting to see if one of these young teams can emerge as spoilers and knock off the “big girls”. Although I want to see the best team win so that we are well-represented at the World level it’s always fun to root for the underdogs.


Nora Peter – From the Hack


If you watched the Ontario Men’s Tankard you’ll know that John Epping was defeated by Scott McDonald who will represent the province at the Brier. Everyone recognizes team Epping and team Howard when talking about curling in Ontario but McDonald is a newcomer for many of us and he ran the table at the Tankard beating Epping 3 times and it will be interesting to see how he will do at the Brier. Epping will get another chance to get to the Brier but will have to win the Wild Card game against Brendan Botcher out of Alberta to get there. Epping gets that chance based on his CTRS standing which allows the highest ranked teams in Canada who don’t win their province playdowns a wild card game. Maybe we’ll have 2 Ontario teams to cheer for this year.

The USA finished their playdowns on the weekend and Olympic Gold Medalist John Shuster and his team will represent their country once again. Jamie Sinclair will represent for the women’s team. Shuster and his team have raised the awareness of curling in the States to the point that curling is increasing in numbers all across the States. At a time when Canada sees a number of clubs closing the US is opening new clubs even in the desert of Las Vegas. To add a personal side to the story my daughter who lives close to Erie, PA has not been able to curl since she moved to the States 16 years ago. The closest club was in Cleveland over an hour away and more recently one opened in Pittsburg. Catherine learned to curl here in our Junior Curling program, curled competitively for the club, her high school and then again for Niagara College. She has been looking for an opportunity south of the lake and recently found a 6 week Learn to Curl program being run Sunday afternoons on arena ice in a community 20 miles away. She was able to interest enough people among her friends to give it a try and now there is interest growing for a club to open in Erie. We really are very lucky to have a dedicated facility with great ice available in our community with a league for everyone. Too bad we are under-utilizing our club.

And getting around to our club there is lots happening with the Ladies Bronze Broom taking place on Tuesday. The ladies 42nd spiel has 14 entries in the one day event with the Tim Hortons Trophy and Ostrander’s Funeral Home Trophy up for grabs on the 2 draws. This year’s theme is Forever Plaid so don your tartan and come down to cheer on your local teams.

This weekend the East Elgin Men’s one day spiel takes place with a full slate of 16 teams. Help is needed in the kitchen over the lunch hour volunteer your time and help them out.

In the updated standings for the Rec League there has been a little up and down movement among the teams but not a lot of big moves. The teams seem to have settled in to place with Odds and Ends solidly in top spot, Stars on Ice still hold on to second place but are being challenged by Big Rocks and House Flies who have moved up slightly. Taken for Granite and Sheet Stains have slipped down in the standings as have WipeOut and Legion of Broom but Game of Stones made a jump up by 2 spots to sit tied with Chuggernauts in 8th place. In the next 8 teams there has been a bit of juggling both up and down the standings Sheet Disturbers have moved up 2 spots for the biggest gain, Pending Review and Boss Hoggs have dropped, many are maintaining their status. I’m still surprised by RainMakin’ Rebels who actually dropped another place. New team Curlers and Beaus have yet to post their first win but look like they are improving with each game. This week the League will add another “strategy challenge” to the scheduled games to spice things up a bit and make the games a little more interesting. Conveners are working out some new twists!

Many teams have been on the bonspiel trail for the Men, Women and the Mixed but no one reporting any big wins to me. Teams that have been out have reported about their good times and I hear lots of meat has been added to local freezers! Have a good week and enjoy the games! Curling Rocks!