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Letters to the Editor: May 11, 2022

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Re: the letter Ditch gas mower (May 5).

I have been down that road recently in buying a $500-plus battery lawn mower. What a mistake that was. The battery on it lasted a mere three or four seasons.

I’ll stick to a basic gas-powered lawn mower for $200 that’ll last a whole lot longer than three to four years. There is no huge savings to run one over the other.

Rich Wick, Courtright

Health care needs more privatization

Here we go again. Another election and the big bad Progressive Conservatives are going to privatize health care. It’s time we all understand what that means.

We already have a lot of our health care under private operations. When your MD sends you for an X-ray, you go to a private clinic. You likely had an appointment and were served in a very efficient system. You paid for it with our health card, not your credit card. These type of services are generally run with smooth efficiency.

Now go into a public hospital and you present your health card for payment once again. You will likely wait for several hours and it will be obvious there is lots of opportunity for improvement.

It is proven government cannot run any institution better than the private sector. However they can pay for things. There are lots of private-government arrangements already in place that help get things done. We need more so we can stop the continuous complaining about wait times, nurse shortages etc. at election time and anytime a good sound bite is needed.

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The worst things about our health care need to change and that will never happen if we do not move forward with more privatization that you will pay for with your health card, not your credit card.A

Barney Breault, Dorchester

Boomers still big

As stated in the article Millennial muscle growing, but will it be flexed at polls? (May 10), baby boomers are still the largest percentage (24.6 per cent) of voters in Ontario. Why are none of the Big 3 provincial parties offering incentives to this group of voters? It seems most parties are trying to entice the millennials to vote.

The boomers, I am sure, will far outnumber the millennials at the polls. We may be older, but we still count.

Dale Whitelaw, Bayfield

Step up for Ward 1

Regarding the online article Voters will have final say on city councillor who dodged reprimand: expert (May 4).

I agree with the seven councillors who voted to reprimand Coun. Michael van Holst, despite the motion’s defeat. But a more important question looms: Who wants to hold van Holst accountable for the absolute sideshow that has been his tenure on council?

Who wants to be the candidate to best represent Ward 1 in southeast London and effectively take on the issues of the day? It’s time for a change.

Cedric Richards, London

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