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Support for Weaver

As a former council wardmate of Rick Weaver, I was shocked to read in The Expositor of his resignation for health reasons.


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Knowing Rick as I do, I am sure this was an extremely difficult decision. Rick has always been a man of courage and this decision demonstrates his commitment to his family and his community.

I want to take this opportunity to express my admiration for the thoughtful, professional and respectful way in which Rick carried out his duties as a family man and Ward 1 councillor.

Rick, you are entering new phase of life and, given the support from your family and the community, I know you and Mia have a future that is full of promise and potential

Stay well, my friend.

Larry Kings,

Support for Carpenter

Re: Mayor Davis says he’ll kick out councillors who ‘flout rules’ (Nov. 9)

Kudos to Coun. Richard Carpenter for speaking his mind and standing behind his values during council meetings. He appears to be trying to represent the best interests of the citizens of Brantford.

Absolutely the taxpaying people of Brantford should have their opinions represented, respected and listened to by every city council member, who should act on our opinions accordingly.

I am impressed with Coun. Carpenter’s ongoing support for our valued Arrowdale golf course.

I agree that our city council just pushes things through without listening to the very loud voices of Brantford citizens and what “they” want. Without our vote, they wouldn’t even be in office and, hopefully, we soon will change the office holders.

Coun. Carpenter, you would have my vote as Brantford’s next mayor.


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Steve Souliere

Too many soapboxes

Re: Totally inappropriate (Letter, Nov. 11)

My wife and I are absolutely appalled at the narrow mindedness of this letter writer.

Can someone please predict when all of this intolerant nonsense will end?  Now, according to this writer, we are not allowed to call a bicycle rack a rack.  I wonder if hunters are gathering to decide how to describe their trophies of moose and deer racks, knowing if they use the word “racks” they are misogynistic?
We openly admit that we were born in the late ’50s. We both have been exposed to inappropriate behaviours and actions in our lives, both personally and professionally. There are many recent examples of various inappropriate actions that have been exposed and reactions invoked. Many of these we agree with. However, we seem to be in an era where too many soapboxes are being lined up.
Anne and Michael Brown

Stretching our cash

As a Canadian expat, I must say the rate of inflation in both Canada and the U.S. is ridiculous. Every year we are asked to stretch and stretch our hard-earned dollars more and more. When will we reach the breaking point? We need to get these corrupt politicians out and elect people who practice some fiscal responsibility.

Kirk Johnson
Gaping Valley, Ken.

Trudeau to the rescue

So many articles lately regarding inflation and the cost of living. Canadians have to learn to take a deep breath and relax. After all, we have Justin Trudeau, who has the backs of Canadian families. What else do we need?

Brian Crosby,
Cobourg, Ont.

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