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Sad for America

I feel sorry for my American friends, their democracy and the Democratic party.

How can one not feel sorry for the Democrats’ luck? When Obama entered the Oval Office for the first time as president, he inherited a country on the brink of a depression that would have made 1929 look like a walk in the park. Eight years later, when Trump entered the Oval Office, he inherited a thriving economy. A mere four years later, Biden inherits a COVID-19 catastrophe on target to claim near 500,000 deaths when becomes president.

If that isn’t enough to make you feel for the Democrats add that they’ve won the popular vote many more times than they’ve won the presidency. (Note: Must do something about that Electoral College.)

As for U.S. democracy, over the last four years, it’s seen more hits than an Ali opponent. Consider: the era of alternative facts; fake criticism of the press; undermining the intelligence community and courts; racial dog whistles from the Oval Office; the spread and, more alarming, belief in crazy QAnon theories; and two QAnon believers voted into Congress. What?


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Meantime, the Republican party all through America suppresses the vote. Its methods are both unthinkable and deplorable.

Every Republican member of Congress and senator, who know better, have let Trumpism thrive and eat away at democracy

Finally, my U.S friends and especially their children and grandchildren are going to be affected by what Mitch McConnell has been able to do with the Supreme Court with appointments of judges that go against the grain of the majority of Americans. Republican presidents, elected with far fewer votes,  have put more judges on the court than Democrats. The most recent example is Trump, who gets three judicial appointments after losing the popular vote by more than three million votes.

For these and many more reasons, I have a sadness for America.

Michael Roseman

Zero not good enough?

Re: COVID-19 numbers continue to be ‘concerning,’ says MOH (Nov. 18)

On Tuesday, we got great news from Brant’s top doctor, Elizabeth Urbantke. She said there is not a single case —  not one — of COVID-19 being treated at the Brantford General Hospital.

So, since this entire process we are all being forced to endure is supposed to be about stopping our hospitals from being overwhelmed, why are we not celebrating this good news? Instead, we are in tighter restrictions.

It’s strange how there is no one in ICU , no one on a ventilator , no one in the entire hospital with COVID-19 and, despite a decrease in cases , the doctor says these new restrictions are likely to be in place for four weeks unless the community shows it’s “going in the right direction and staying there.”


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We have done our part.

Who knew zero cases in our heath-care system would not be good enough?

Nevada Adams

What’s the delay with rapid testing?

Here we go again on another rampage of everyone getting hyped up re: numbers rising or cases mutating, etc. Epidemiologists say one thing, infectious disease specialists say another and politicians just go the way the wind blows.

Why do we not have the rapid tests yet? Health Minister Patty Haidu, where are you? Are you hiding or just given up like our prime minister and waiting for the vaccine to cure all of us?

Andrea Doyle,

Trump’s challenge surely spells trouble

President Donald Trump still won’t concede election defeat even though, to borrow his language, “ … the Poles are closed.” Trump is a bad loser and obstreperous. Given the chance, he’ll perhaps contest the results from the depths of Nevada’s Badwater Basin to the top of Alaska’s Denali. Maybe he’ll go beyond: from the “North Poll” to the “South Poll.”

Mel Simoneau,
Gatineau, Que.

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