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Responsible media help citizens make their own decisions

Re: Media Bias (Letter, Nov. 10)


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The author of the letter describing media bias favouring “the left” has overlooked the proliferation of ridiculous conspiracy theories propagated by so-called right-wing sources, including: Fox TV commentators, Brietbart, social media pundits, etc. But let’s not omit the biggest source of lies, Donald Trump.

The author also describes the power of the media to influence elections through censorship of theories, such as the disproved one included in the letter, claiming that Joe Biden and his son are corrupt. Yet, it was Donald Trump, during one of his rallies over the past four years, who shouted to the audience that they must not believe the media; he and he alone knows the truth and people must only believe what he says. In other words, he alone will decide what the public needs to know. That is censorship by an elected government official for the purpose of gaining personal advantage over an uninformed public.

It is the responsibility of the media – all media – to report accurately and responsibly news that is true and is proven to be true so that citizens can make their own decisions about what is in their best interest.

Michael Pearce

Trump as a modern-day Nero

According to a well-known expression, Rome’s emperor, Nero, fiddled while Rome burned. Trump golfs.

Lin Dickson,

Democrats leaned on recycled candidates

As the final votes are being tabulated for this year’s presidential election, I’ve heard many lament how close this particular election has been. Most of what I’ve heard usually begins with the words, “I thought (Donald) Trump would’ve been crushed like the bug he is … ”


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Upon further reflection, the Democrats have themselves to blame for what turned out to be a nail-biter at the polls. Since Trump’s election victory in 2016, the Democrats had four years to recruit and groom a viable candidate for 2020. Someone young and relevant, charismatic and statesman-like. Instead the Democratic Party whittled down its 20-plus candidates during the primaries to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, a trio recycled from 2016.

Luciano DiNardo,
Orleans, Ont.

A wealth tax on MPs first, perhaps

I see the federal NDP has a proposal to tax the “ultra rich and the (COVID-19) profiteers.” This is apparently a move to assist the people who have been negatively affected during the pandemic.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern had a refreshing idea designed to share this burden: Her parliamentary members took a 10-per-cent pay cut and ministers took a 20-per-cent reduction, all for six months.

Our MPs earn in the range of $182,000 per annum and ministers close to $264,000. They are all eligible for hefty indexed pensions after only six years’ service. In addition, they enjoy very attractive health and dental benefits.

The average Canadian wage is likely something under $60,000 and the great majority of workers have no company pension of any sort. Some have no group benefits. I think the NDP and their fellow parliamentarians could look a little closer to home because it would seem that their income and benefits have not suffered at all while many of their constituents may have struggled mightily through COVID-19.

John McAuley,

Trump is out, now what?

Trump is no longer going to be the president, so what will entertain us now? Canada’s prime minister is so boring and predictable it is not even worth following — as long as you keep track of his apology record, you are right up to speed. What will all the actors and lefties have to complain about with Trump gone? Life will never be the same. Everyone loves a little crazy distraction from the real world and Trump provided that for the last four years and we should all thank him.

Dan O’Brien
Midland, Ont.

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