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Letters to the editor

Postmedia only pretending

Re: Watch, but let’s not emulate rancor (Our View, Nov. 4)


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In its editorial, Postmedia argues for civility in politics, decrying its current lack. The fact that they state the main example of this is the severe vilification of Trump shows they are only pretending.

Prior to politics Trump already had a reputation for incivility. From the beginning of his 2015 candidacy he has displayed nothing but a lack of civility, starting toward the other Republicans who were seeking the nomination. He has honed the trait significantly in the last 5 years, aided by the pollsters who told him who it was most beneficial to be uncivil to.

What Postmedia is trying to accomplish with its pretend is to shut down truth telling. Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist authoritarian who cares nothing for democracy. When George W Bush’s former speechwriter and well-known Republican, David Frum, points this out, he is not being uncivil, he is simply stating what the record shows. When Trump calls Biden a socialist and Harris a very dangerous woman, even Republicans know it isn’t true. It just helps whip up the frenzy, which helps them get elected.

Donald Trump’s political success has taken America significantly down the road to demagoguery and fascism. This is very dangerous in a country like the US that is a democracy in name only. Postmedia helps pave the way by furthering the lies. I would have thought the middle of the last century would have been enough to warn folks off this path. Sadly, the tactics that worked in the 1930s in Germany still work very well in present day North America.

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By the way, America is not the leader of the free world, as stated in the editorial. The only thing America leads in, other than its dangerous and oversized capacity is being an excellent example of how not to be a leader.

Michael Blythe

PM’s arrogance, hypocrisy and entitlement

Recently, it was reported — not by the mainstream media, of course — that $378,711 was spent on a “bedroom conversion” at the prime minister’s Harrington Lake retreat. Such was undertaken at the request of Justin Trudeau. This is in addition to the treehouse with ziplines, bee farm, skating rink and organic farm that Trudeau formerly requested be built, for his express pleasure.

At a time when many Canadians are struggling to get by, Trudeau is gleefully spending huge wads of taxpayers’ money to satiate his own selfish and greedy desires. Seniors, especially, need not be reminded that they received a paltry $300 in “COVID relief,” while Trudeau takes luxury vacations and orders exorbitant upgrades to Harrington Lake, at the expense of Canadians.

Trudeau exhibits a nauseating degree of arrogance, hypocrisy and entitlement, as he blatantly abuses the position of prime minister. Such is abhorrent and appalling. How can such continue to occur?

John Harley Whitlock

Safeguard family

Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because you cannot see, taste or smell it. It is produced when appliances and equipment in your home such as a natural gas furnace, water heater or stove, wood or gas fireplace, propane generator or kerosene lantern are installed improperly or not maintained.

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Low levels of CO exposure make you feel like you have the flu, without the fever. High concentrations can kill you. Four of my relatives died from carbon monoxide poisoning a decade ago and the pain of that loss continues.

Carbon monoxide awareness week began Monday.

Watch your mailbox for educational pamphlets, and take these two simple steps to keep your family safe:

• Get an annual inspection of all the fuel-fired devices in your home

• Install and regularly test approved carbon monoxide alarms. It’s the law in Ontario.

Please do your part so the silent killer cannot harm your family. Learn more at and

John Gignac,
Retired fire captain,

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