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Wearing a mask shows you care


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If you do not want to follow the rules by wearing a mask or social distance, then I have a request.

Sign a document stating that if you get COVID-19, you will not seek any medical attention.

That is the least you can do so other people will be able to get the treatment and medical resources they require and those resources won’t be wasted on you. This may sound callous, but it is time to show how to be a real Canadian who cares about others and not about just yourself.

Ken Bast


CBC irrelevant to most Canadians

With a $16.5-billion budget, paltry ad revenues and a loss to taxpayers, how does the CBC get the funding it asks for?

The bias of CBC coverage supporting the Liberals would make the former Soviet Union’s Pravda proud.

Journalism in Canada should seek no friends but pursue the truth no matter how much it might hurt.

Newspapers are dying and when they are gone who will root out corruption, abuse of power, incompetence and negligence?

CBC is irrelevant to most Canadians and no longer deserves its funding.

David C. Stapleford


Safeguard your family

Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because you cannot see, taste or smell it. It is produced when appliances and equipment in your home such as a natural gas furnace, water heater or stove, wood or gas fireplace, propane generator or kerosene lantern are installed improperly or not maintained.

Low levels of CO exposure make you feel like you have the flu, without the fever. High concentrations can kill you. Four of my relatives died from carbon monoxide poisoning a decade ago and the pain of that loss continues.

Install and regularly test approved carbon monoxide alarms. (It’s the law in Ontario.)

Please do your part so the silent killer cannot harm your family. Learn more at and

John Gignac

retired fire captain

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