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Technology puts new spin on polls


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Marshall McLuhan’s “it’s the medium not the message” has a new angle in polls. Results vary widely with the method of extracting answers.

What would the results be if a pollster contacted 1,000 landlines as opposed to 1,000 emails or 1,000 Twitter accounts?

The information highway is no longer one road but a multi-level, multi dimensional, algorithmic driven communications hub with no speed limit. Yet we are still faced with antiquated questions like, How likely or unlikely are you to recommend this product? Disruption should be evident.

Elizabeth McCracken


Lessons from the past

We read and hear about many protests against wearing masks during this pandemic.

I would suggest those complaining might be related to the people who protested seat belt rules and the motorcycle helmet rules so many years ago.

How many lives have been saved with those seat belts and motorcycle helmets? Think about it.

Dave Mathers

St. Thomas

Consider history

There has been great disappointment at the latest round of limitations which have either drastically reduced or ended teams sports until at least next year.

Given the time of year, we should look back just 80 years to what many young men and women were committing to doing.

They were joining the armed forces in droves. Physical fitness was at high peak from marching, frequently toting heavy loads, learning to handle weapons, drive tanks, fly airplanes, sail ships, provide medical services, to protect their country and the free world. Others were working in factories to provide support for the war effort.

Many of them would never return to enjoy participating in, or watching sports again. We shall remember them.

Marianne Donovan


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