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Ticket to rile

I was at BGH on Sept. 21 at 9:30 a.m. to get a COVID-19 test to ensure I was all right for the safety of my family.  I was finally able to get tested 3 1/2 hours later.

During my wait, I knew I had to move my car to avoid getting a parking ticket (the hospital parking was full). But, if I left my spot to move my car, I would have to go to the end of the line. So, when I got to my car, I found a $30 parking ticket.

We are advised to get tested for COVID-19, I obey all COVID safety protocols and this is what happens? Disgusting. Shame on the city.

No wonder the city is in the shape it is, full of graffiti and drugs. No progress.

Vicki Leone

Improve COVID-19 testing

I think it is time to do something better with the COVID-19 testing. There is not enough room behind BGH. There are large empty parking lots at the civic centre and elsewhere in the city where drive-thru testing could be set up. Or use the civic centre auditorium again and set up four or five stations to test, like they set up at voting time, and do it alphabetically. You want people tested, so make it easier for them to get tested.


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Virginia Martin

May the force be with you

Re: ‘We’ve had enough’ (Sept. 25)

As a retired probation and parole officer who worked the streets of Brantford for 25 years and interviewed and worked with hundreds of victims, let me say to Coun. Van Tilborg and to Mayor Davis: There is no such thing as petty crime.

Treating criminals the way they treat others, particularly at the sentencing stage, is the best way, in my view, to rid Brantford of the detritus that plagues us. Citizens who have had a rough time and who are trying to make something of their lives deserve protection from criminal behavior, just as much as those who have been more fortunate.

Career criminals — and there is a difference — can be driven elsewhere by a hard-ass community philosophy.

I served proudly with the “thin blue line.”

Officers now work for the Brantford Police Service. Years ago, they were part of the Brantford Police Force.

I became aware, with experience, that criminals respected the Brantford Police Force and see the Brantford Police Service through a different lens.

Bring back the Brantford Police Force and let them loose, with guidelines and strict oversight. Couple that with some lengthy sentencing principles and watch the exodus of career criminals. Bleeding hearts step aside.

The most telling bit of so-called law reform, in my experience, was when, many years ago, the word rape was removed from the Criminal Code and replaced with the term sexual assault.


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Tell a victim, male or female, that they have been sexually assaulted and not raped.

What’s in a name?

Warren Bechard

More hot air

Another throne speech and another major expulsion of hot air. No wonder we have a carbon tax. I find it interesting and rare that all opposition parties voiced concern that seniors once again were not mentioned for any increased assistance. This shows once again the disdain this prime minister has for seniors.

Steve Whines

Now that’s Italian

I note that the Italians lower house MPs will be cut by more than 200. What an excellent idea. Now, if only we get our MPs to do the same. Just think of the savings.

While we are at it, perhaps we could adopt the American senate model of two senators per state. Using that formula (two per province and territory), we could eliminate dozens these people. That would mean even more savings and have no effect on the government of the country.

Anybody agree?

James C Mylet

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