LETTER: With rights come responsibilities

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In Canada, ‘My Rights’ are accompanied by ‘My Responsibilities’ as well as ‘My Respect for Others’.


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Sarnia-Lambton has a small group of ‘My Rights (Only)’ who are using intimidation/bullying tactics to impose their misguided “anti” views on the local majority. They bullied a mobile vaccination clinic to shut down early, thereby violating the rights of others to be vaccinated.

They have been trying to bully local businesses’ “rights” to operate with safe protocols in place and get them to change their business practice.

The vast majority of Canadians, including those in Sarnia-Lambton, have been vaccinated. We have been told that if vaccination rates reach certain levels, all restrictions will be lifted. It seems that the nay-sayers’ attitude is: “You get vaccinated and give us non-believers a free ride!”

Those who do get vaccinated are doing so to protect themselves and others in order to return to living a normal life.

Ontario taxpayers are paying for the treatment of the mostly unvaccinated COVID patients in hospital. Through our health system, we all paying a heavy price to protect your right to avoid vaccination. The least you can do is respect our right to limit our exposure to the potential of you having and spreading COVID.

Unfortunately, our local MPP Marilyn Gladu is in my opinion, emboldening these naysayers.

But for those who remain unvaccinated, you do not have the right to spread this plague to our children, vulnerable seniors or immunocompromised individuals.

You do not have the right to freely mingle with those who are vaccinated.

You do not have the right to bully vaccine clinics to close early and violate the rights of others to freely get vaccinated.

You do not have the right to bully local businesses into changing their business practices.

With rights come responsibilities.

Dean de Jong                                               


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