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LETTER: It’s not all rosy with cannabis operations

It was with some interest I read your recent article on “Farm Gate Marijuana”.

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I recognize there are some medicinal values to this drug and the benefits some people with health issues receive. And there appears to be a growing population who now use this legal substance, given that the federal government permits its use.


But the unchecked growth of these grow-op farms is my issue, as it is for many of my neighbours, including my local government.

I now sit in the unfortunate position where I have three of these commercial enterprises within two kilometres of my home. The stench emanating from these grow-ops, the light pollution and the around the clock howling and barking of guard dogs has destroyed our peaceful neighbourhood. We recently lost a long-standing neighbour who gave up and moved, selling a beautiful home they loved and intended to retire within.

The federal government is handing out these licences with no regard for local opinions.

Yes, that’s correct – you could have one of these stinking farms next door to you tomorrow and neither you, your regional government, nor your MPP has any way to stop them.

Before you promote these grow-ops that are scarring our rural landscape, you should get both sides of the story.

Yvonne Brooke

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