Law most be applied against members of large gathering

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It was reported that there was a large gathering of more than 100 young people at Mike Weir Park a few might ago. Police did respond to a call for service. However, the radio station reported that the police tried to call parents to get their children to return home but did not report on any other actions taken to enforce the law.

I am concerned. We have laws about gathering and fines that can be levied. Has a precedent been created? Are the laws only applicable on a selective basis?

Who decides when a law is to be enforced?

What actions were taken by police to send a message that this behaviour will not be tolerated?

We are living in a pandemic. We have high-risk people in this community. Most of us are finding ways to deal with the restrictions we now live with. Another lockdown may be coming. Masks, social distancing, hand washing, restricted access to businesses and more safeguards are all in place. We cannot even enter most buildings without wearing a mask.

So what gives these “young people” the right to place the community in danger of a spread of COVID-19?

It makes me angry and I insist that the law be enforced by law enforcement.

Denis Savoie



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