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Letters to the editor

Let him plant trees

In the last election, Justin Trudeau had a photo op planting a single tree to illustrate the Liberals’ pledge to combat climate change. What happened to all those trees he promised to plant?


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I will vote for the Conservative party so he can begin planting trees.

He promised to plant trees. I want to watch him plant trees — and he better be quick at it (about a tree every four minutes).

Gordon Orth

Move on from COVID

Re: New local COVID-19 cases surging (Aug. 19)

The article notes: “ In Ontario, 72 per cent have received a first dose of vaccine while 65 per cent have completed two doses.” I have seen several reports that indicate those numbers are inaccurate. Far closer would be more than 80 per cent for first doses and almost 75 per cent for second does.
Regardless, it is almost exclusively the non-vaccinated who are at risk of serious illness so the numbers of cases is a statistic with little significance. 
A better piece of news would be reporting the number of fully vaccinated folk who required ICU care. Or even better the number of cancer patients who were treated as a health-care priority.
The COVID crisis is over. Move on.
Ian Shaw

I’ve lost track

I am confused and overwhelmed. Over the last 18 months there have been unending waves of regulations from all levels of government concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, many overlapping or contradictory.

The Ontario government has released yet another round. I’m suffering from regulatory overload. What is the current level of affairs? Quite honestly, I’ve lost track.

Robert Kent,
Ingersoll, Ont.

Groundhog day election trail

Here we go again. Canadians will be constantly absorbing the same old BS that pre-election speeches provide: “I promise if elected to …” Really? Now there’s a line I’ve never heard before.

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Many have been through this fiasco so many times that we have almost lost hope of finding a real “winner.” Personally, I don’t wish for an encore performance, especially with the same actor playing the part. My main question is, what else can you screw up this time, Justin? A clean-shaven face and haircut do not make you a different person. Reverting to the same old habits of lies and unfulfilled promises always seem to be at the top of your daily agenda. Your impressive presence may fool some, but not these old boomers and other seniors.

Just remember, Mr. PM, that we are the largest percentile of the populous to vote. If we vote this time with your past performance in mind, you may not get what you want most: more power with a majority government. Your speech writers had better be more impressive and convincing than in the past.

Wayne Kirk,
Pembroke, Ont.

I’m voting ABC

So, the prime minister wants Canadians to “have their say,” does he? Well, this Canadian will now be voting ABC: Anybody But CERBoy.

Enough of the faux feminism, fancy Indian costumes, SNC-Lavalin ethics, WE charity side-steps, obstruction of parliamentary committees, sole-sourced and secret contracts, the Mark Norman fiasco, bungled vaccine buys, conflicting COVID advice, monumental monetary handouts and debts and failure to rescue Afghan interpreters — just to skim the surface of his disastrous reign.

This election, it’s ABC for me.

Dyan Cross,

This Week in Flyers