What more can we do for our health?

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Canada’s top public health officials have been eager and ready during this pandemic to offer Canadians a long list of things they should not do.

And that’s all well and good. But what about the things they should do? Surely there must be activities that Canadians can do and choices they can make that will contribute to making them more resilient against getting COVID-19 or fighting it off if they do contract the virus.

But so far, federal, provincial and municipal health officials have been pretty mum on the ways Canadians can take their health into their own hands during the pandemic.


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For starters, there are numerous rumours about medicines, supplements and even questionable miracle cures to deal with COVID-19.

Much of it is probably speculative nonsense, but guidance from public health officials would help Canadians separate fact from fiction.

It would also help them avoid trying ineffective remedies and guide them toward better health practices.

An example is vitamin D. Within the growing number of stories and reports is research about the vitamin and its possible factor in protecting Canadians from COVID-19.

The vitamin D question has inspired numerous news headlines in Canada and around the world. But there has been very little on the issue coming from public health. Certainly not in their news conferences, statements or social media posts.

Perhaps public health officials dispute the research.

Maybe they think it’s too premature to offer an assessment.

But whatever it is, it would be wonderful to hear more from our officials on these issues.

Canadians are developing serious COVID-19 fatigue, and it’s hard to blame them. For the most part, they are eager to get beyond the pandemic and to embrace whatever credible and scientific-proven measures can help them achieve that collective goal.

Meanwhile, it’s hoped that everyone continues to wear masks, to wash hands and to practise physical distancing. These are fundamental measures that every Canadian should be engaged in. It’s utterly ridiculous, in the midst of a pandemic, to believe otherwise.

Yet people are making choices about their individual risk assessments. They need as much information as possible about how to live with COVID-19 in a safe and responsible manner.

One should hope that includes information on personal health, well-being and nutrition. Not just on listening to edicts about the activities we can and can’t do.

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