Why are some not following the rules?

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I occasionally get calls about my articles from friends and strangers – some good, some constructive – and I like to ask them what they would like me to write about. A request for this topic came this past week.

Let me begin with part of a biblical story from Book of Jonah. The King of Nineveh was told his city was to be totally destroyed by God because the people had become so corrupt and wicked. He immediately shucked his royal robes, put on sackcloth and told his people to do the same and to immediately give up their evil and violent ways. Perhaps then God would relent, have compassion and not destroy them. The people did it! God did relent and they were saved.

The point I want to make is the King’s actions, and what he told them to do, they did.

Think about it. If everyone washes their hands, wears a face mask, and physically distances, we could all live.

You might also see a parallel here to the leader south of the border. Alas, too many followed his example. I am very thankful for the leaders we have here in Canada who set the proper example and let medical experts oversee the pandemic.

Being in Stage 3 and having some rules relaxed did not mean our individual rules changed, yet people tossed aside discretion and common sense and went out to have a good time. Statistics show the results, which are dramatic in the U.S., are not good here in Canada either. A grading report gives the U.S. an ‘F’ and Canada only a ‘B’. In Ontario (reported July 24) cases increased 195 with 66 per cent of those being under 40 years of age. Why did they ignore the three simple rules?

You need to treat every person you meet as if they could be a carrier. It is an excellent rule to follow and it will keep you and your family and friends safe.

Yet, even knowing the risks, many people still don’t want to follow the three simple rules and to them I must say you are a most selfish and uncaring person. Why do you not have to follow the rules? You will condemn others to death. Stop thinking of your invincible self and protect other people as well.

Why should Southwestern Public Health have to enact mandatory mask wearing? We are not a stupid people, we should be doing this on our own and not wasting money forcing us to do what we know will keep us all safe and sound.