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We had about a minute and a half of spring weather and then Mother Nature let us know who is actually in charge.

Racing at Delaware finally got underway, two weeks late due to the weather. With all the rain the track was flooded for the first two weeks of 2019 schedule but they were racing this past Friday night and all classes were on the track in order to catch up. It was a long, full night of racing.

From experience, I know even on the hottest summer day, when the sun goes down in Delaware, it is cold. The track is low in a valley and the viewing area is high up on top of the hill where the wind can be savage and the dampness encases everything, creeping deep into every bone and joint. I am always prepared and take a bag with extra clothes, blankets, etc.

On Friday, I arrived at the track with two layers of clothing already on. Once we set up our chairs I put on a third long-sleeved shirt. The wind was cold so I wrapped a shawl around my head and shoulders. I looked like a little old Belgian woman. Oh wait, I am a little old Belgian woman. Anyway, fashion is far less important than comfort and warmth.


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It didn’t take long before I added a hoodie and a flannel shirt. By now the sun had gone down and the wind subsided some but the dampness set in. The thermos of coffee did little to stop the shivering. Trudy shared her blanket to protect our legs. I had my hood up and mittens on. I am on the hunt for a thermal blanket like the astronauts use.

All in all, with all the discomfort, we had a good night. All the races were entertaining and Otterville’s own Rick Verberne had a good showing. I have watched him race trucks for years but he has moved up to driving super stock, a larger field and a whole lot more power.


Am shocked to hear about all the folks who are angry for being awakened by the Amber Alert calls in the early morning hours. I imagine if it was a child or grandchild of theirs they would not be so quick to criticize, rant and whine about it. Putting oneself into the place of those who have had their child abducted should prove enlightening to anyone ignorant enough to be more concerned about their sleep patterns.

I have a quick and easy solution to the aggravation. Shut off your phone when you go to bed. Why does anyone need to sleep with their phone on the nightstand or under their pillow or, more likely, in their hand?

There is an off button you know? Not only will it shut off your phone but it also will shut you up!


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