What is your 'normal'?

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Are you anxious to get back to normal?

Everyone is always saying they want to get back to the way things were before COVID-19, but do we really know what that even means? What was your normal? Was it really what you wanted your life to be like? Was it so great before the pandemic you are anxious to get back there?

I know I am not alone in enjoying isolation. Many folks I have talked to said they have found a new peace, a clearer understanding of what is significant and how satisfying it is to be self-sustaining. They have found a renewed joy in a more basic, simple life. Some have said how much it means to them to have been given the chance to actually get to know and enjoy their children. It’s been a time for folks to reactivate their connection to their mate.

People say they are again bonding by cooking, baking, creating and eating as a family, sitting on the deck instead of in the car, growing together as a family.


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People have made contact with old friends and reestablished a link with distant family members. People are becoming acquainted with their neighbours and enjoying a new perspective of their neighbourhood. They are checking up, looking after and taking care of each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

Folks have been forced to stay closer to home to get what they need and have realized this is helping their own community’s recovery. It was quite new for some to shop locally and they are appreciating everything they need is in their own town or village. Of course, many now better understand the difference between need and want and how little it takes to be happy. As long as we have what we need life is good.

I can’t find any problems with all this renewal, reawakening, wisdom, connection, etc. All of those things are good and why would anyone want give it up to go back to our lives before. The rush, busy, things, take out, running, devices, disconnection, gadgets, separation, etc. is draining and stressful.

I do understand, believe me, the difficulties associated with the pandemic. I get the need to make a living, pay bills, educate children, socialize and be active. Maybe we need to rethink how to do that and keep the positive, self-renewing, fulfilling, family-focused aspects which have been revealed.


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