Welcome back to curling in Tillsonburg

Nora Peter

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From the Hack

Will there be curling at the Tillsonburg Curling Club in the upcoming season?

The short answer is a very positive “YES!” Although the club and the game will be ‘different,’ the club is poised to open for its 65th season and is preparing to accommodate all guidelines and regulations set out by the OCA/CCA for curling and the precautions and current stage requirements set out by the OMH/OCHU. The board has already been in contact with the local health unit in order to make sure they comply with all requirements needed to re-open under Stage 3. It is hoped that we will have moved to Stage 4 when curling gets started around Oct. 20.

As a small club, the TCC will find it easy to comply with having less than 50 people on the ice or in the club rooms as most leagues have only 32 on the ice and usually very few spectators. Leagues run five nights, two afternoons, and three mornings a week. Some changes may have to be made for the Recreational League teams and possibly the Senior Men, but those can wait until the membership is known. We have room for new members in most of our leagues.

Tillsonburg Curling Club welcomes people from the local area, and the usual snowbirds, who are faced with Covid limitations in their activities to try curling. Come back to the game or stay and play the full season this year.

Curling is a game for all ages and all levels of athleticism. Whether you are seven or 70 it is an easy game to learn and become part of. The game requires minimal equipment to get started – sliders (worn on shoes) and brooms are purchased, and you can wear your own clean shoes and loose warm clothing. If the low sliding delivery that you see on television looks like something you don’t think you could do, we do have an ‘extender stick’ which allows for a walking upright delivery.

Watch for more information as curling season approaches.

Wear a mask! Stay safe and healthy! Try curling!