Treasure hunting in the freezer

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Isolating is a great time to get at those chores not done frequently.

This pandemic has given us extra time. We have the opportunity to get at some of those jobs most of us put off. I am more spontaneous than methodical or regimented when it comes to chores. I give the house a lick and promise often but when I decide to move furniture around I do the serious cleaning.

Cleaning out the freezer is one of those chores most of us don’t do weekly, monthly or even annually. It’s a hard job since I have a chest freezer and short legs so getting to the bottom can be quite hilarious, painful and dangerous. I got at it a week or so ago, mainly because I couldn’t find room for the containers of hearty winter soups I have been making.

I don’t like waste so I throw stale bread ends in the freezer to make crumbs, croutons and stuffing mix. In among the peach crisps and cobblers, rhubarb pies, banana loaves, a variety of soups, vegetables and meats, I found a plethora of bread ends. I also found several big bags of already-made crumbs, croutons and stuffing mix so out went the bread ends.


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I found a bag of stuffed pepper stuffing. Apparently, I had more stuffing than peppers. There was a large bag of sausage and mushroom stuffing that I have no idea what I stuffed with it. Along with a chunk of ham, all went in fridge to thaw.

The next day I added some mozzarella cheese and enjoyed a lovely supper of stuffed peppers. I even put two in the freezer. The next day a friend brought some nice tomatoes so I doctored the sausage and mushrooms and made stuffed tomatoes. They were really good, too, and couple went into the freezer. I ate pea soup for two days and put several containers in the freezer for winter.

I found several unmarked containers. I’m sure I thought I would remember when I put them in the freezer. In the past, having taken out stew for supper which turned out to be pineapple upside down cake, I thought I would make those containers an adventure for another day. Won’t even tell you how many bananas I found.

It is a big job done. Considering all the stuff I made from what I found, I don’t think I have gained much space. I do feel like I am stocking up for winter.

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