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It’s interesting that the word corona means crown. In subtle energy studies, crown chakra is our energy system that is our connection with going inward, unification of all things and compassion and oneness in connection with spirituality. In yoga philosophies, the Sanskrit name word karuna, translates to compassion.

It is also interesting that the corona virus has us all going inward just like the crown chakra. Not just inward into our homes, but we all have been spending more time alone with our thoughts.

In such a distracted society, this may be uncomfortable at times for many of us. Spending so much time with our thoughts, without the distraction of external forces or physical connection have forced us to change. Some have adapted by submerging into the varied theories of what is going on in the world right now. There have been reports of more emotional and mental health difficulties, which I don’t doubt as we are a social species that craves connection.

I’ve certainly had my own emotional moments while simultaneously I’ve also learned a lot about myself and others. I have had to face shadows I didn’t even know were there.

We are faced with these unprecedented times and we were asked to go inward. Not just into our homes but into our spirit.

I am curious as I witness divisiveness and lack of unity from some, while from others a more peaceful and kinder approach. Many want to express their anger and blame and debate what and who is right and wrong. Those engaged in the divisiveness on either side hold a strong refusal of backing down but trying to convince the other side that they are the ones that are right and the rest of the world is blind.

I actually see all of this as an awakening, a revealer of truths and ultimately a good thing.

In some psychological studies, they’ve shown that many people are feeling more compassion than they have felt before, for loved ones and even strangers. We have been witnessing this, all over the world. People offering appreciation for those working front line, elderly getting visits through windows or online virtual family gatherings. For a large part, there is an understanding that we are not alone in this, but just the opposite, we are globally in this together.

My 87-year-old Auntie and I have a scheduled ‘date’ to connect once a week to talk about life and support each other through it. We both agree with the awareness and revelations this pandemic has provided us as well as a deepening of compassion for all. She shared a similar story, but from World War II. She was a little girl, the entire world was in a crisis, and some people stepped up. Not just for each other and those closest to them, but for everyone. She and her grandmother would drive around the countryside near their home dropping off baskets of food and essentials for those less fortunate.

The human species is still divided in many ways, while some ‘fight’ what is, and others ‘accept’ and rise up. However, while this happens, there has been a beautiful reset for our planet.

While we have all been tossed into the learning curve of online technology and pandemic internet connection, the planet and other species are taking a deep sigh of relief and enjoying a reset and vacation from us.

With industrial activity slowing down because of lockdown restrictions and the roads and skies less cluttered with travel of cars and planes, new satellite imagery from the European Space Agency has found that air pollution levels are markedly lower than this time last year. Satellites orbiting Earth found lowered air pollution over Italy and lowered nitrogen-dioxide emissions over China. According to the BBC, air pollution levels have also dropped in the UK. In fact, some cities have seen nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels fall by up to 60% on the same period last year.

Reports have stated that the residents of Punjab, India can now view the Himalayas from their homes. With the mountain range being approximately 100 miles away from the city, this is an incredible sight that has been made possible because of the increased air quality that’s come with fewer cars on the road, fewer planes in the skies, and fewer industries pumping harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Water systems are clearer. I recently drove to a beach and was in awe of the beauty. Lake Erie usually has a green-brown appearance but now it was turquoise blue. No boats in sight. Stillness and clear blue waters. The canals of Venice, Italy are reported to be clear for the first time in 60 years and locals are witnessing jellyfish, swans, fish and seabirds back into the canals.

In March, the United States marked its first month in 18 years without a high school shooting or an instance of firearms on school campuses in some capacity. Eighteen years.

People are starting to look closer at livestock markets and how we treat our animals. Since the deadly viruses that scientists have been warning us about and which we are now dealing with are believed to start with the mutation of viruses from animal to man, many are realizing the different ways animals are being kept, farmed, processed are inhumane in many instances and unhealthy in others.

The connection with nature that has so many healing advantages, has been awoken and appreciated more by many now. Our old ways of living from the outside in, are now obsolete and we are living from the inside out. As we are asked to stay inward, in our homes and in our mind and hearts, people are starting to understand the importance of priorities in our life. More and more families are understanding the necessity of real connection, that life is precious and having more mindful relationships with each other and with our planet.

The fact that the coronavirus disrupts our activities of daily living provides an opportunity to reflect on things and to reconsider what we do, how we do it and why we do it. This offers us all a great opportunity to rethink our habits and routines and make impactful changes.

This pandemic can show us modesty and mindful acceptance of what is, as it is. It is a chance to create awareness for the moderate role we play on this planet and accept that things cannot always go as we want them to go. We can however choose how we react and adapt to the challenges presented to us.

Yes, of course there are dark sides of this global crises, but we can also keep on looking at the brighter sides of life.

Ultimately, the longer this crisis lasts, the greater the opportunities are and the bigger the chances are of actually making positive changes to our deeply rooted habits and convictions.

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