The days float into each other

Linda Hoffman, Two Cents Worth

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The days come and the days go. I am busy but not stressed or overwhelmed. Doing things in my own time, my own way is really quite satisfying. I am into taking care of myself, too, something uncomfortable to many people. It has taken some re-evaluation of priorities and some discernment of needs. I think we can all be more selective of expectations, needs, goals and ambitions with an attitude adjustment and recognition of value.

Of course, we have all been forced into a certain amount of self-assessment during this unsettling time and have had to make significant changes to our lifestyles.

I take more time to enjoy what is, at home and on my limited outings. I appreciate the sounds of life, the birds singing, the new puppy next door barking for attention, the sound of neighbourhood kids laughing, squealing, yelling, the building noises of the tree house going up beside me.

I take more time when making contact with family and true friends. We check up on each other; we seem to be more concerned than before. We often have longer conversations, are more responsive and thoughtful of each other, which is amazing.

Days float into each other and I have to check the calendar to see what day it is. All my watches need new batteries so I don’t often even know what time it is. There is no rushing, no worrying, no keeping up. I realize not everyone is in my position but living a slower more present life is something everyone can choose to do regardless of age or commitments.

The other day as I was heading into Norwich to pick up a few necessities I was surprised to notice a fully grown, already topped field of tobacco. When did that happen? Harvest is in full swing and I had completely missed the various growing stages. Even though I am no longer directly involved, I have always loved to watch the various stages unfold throughout the tobacco season. I have wonderful memories.

Another thing throwing off my timing is what is happening with the sports seasons. I have to stop and remember we are finishing up last year’s season not starting this year. Everything is a bit off kilter but it’s OK.

There is always tomorrow or the next day or…