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How would you like to water your garden for free this summer?

Those living in town have a water bill which includes the water coming into the house which you use and for the water sewage going out. So why use your chemically treated tap water in your garden or little pond?

Today is your lucky day! Such a deal we have in Tillsonburg, a special fundraiser that you and the community will benefit from! St. John’s Church is holding its first ever rain barrel fundraising event this month.

Rain barrels and accessories are available for online ordering and pre-payment before April 23rd and for parking lot pickup on April 30th.

Just in case you don’t know what it is, a rain barrel is a container that catches water from your downspouts. Yes, it does become ‘standing water’ however, depending on which barrel you choose, it will be a closed system the mosquitos can’t get in or the opening will have a screen. If you are still nervous you can put a wee bit of vegetable oil in it, which stops the mosquitoes laying their eggs. Some people, even put in goldfish to dine on them!


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There are other benefits besides saving money; your barrel with help protect your municipality’s water supply as collecting water slows it down from rushing into local lakes and rivers, decreasing storm runoff and the level of pollution going into local watersheds.

Your rainwater will improve the growth and vitality of your plants as natural water has calcium, magnesium and other nutrients in it the plants will like and no chlorine, fluoride or other chemicals.

The barrel will also reduce risk of basement flooding. Disconnecting downspouts from your sewer drain [which is law in many municipalities] and connecting them to your rain barrel reduces the risk of basement flooding. If your rain barrel begins to get full there is an overflow hose that carries water away from your house.

You can purchase a rain barrel for as little as $35 as well as downspout diverters and other accessories. Yes, there is the phrase ‘as little as’ but you will understand that when you get to the site for you have choices! Do you want brand new or recycled (same warranty with both). What colour of style? If it is going to be in a very prominent place you might like the more aesthetically pleasing Sandstone Barrel. If it is in the back corner the recycled Ugly Duckling might do. You could actually paint them any way you want with a plastic paint – I might paint mine to look like a wooden barrel!

If you don’t want to waste the rainwater, then you might like several downspouts with barrels and the tubing to tie them together. So many possibilities! Alas the 1,000L/275gal rain tank is sold out!


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That is not all that they have on this site. There are various attachments, diverters, connectors, etc. depending on what you want to do and even a rolling composter!

The best part of this project is that you are not only allowing Mother Nature to water your garden, but also supporting one of the churches in Tillsonburg that supports those in need in our community and elsewhere. As you can imagine COVID has affected the churches, which affects the good they do, not only spiritually but for those who rely on a helping hand.

Please check out the selection, pre-order online at https://rainbarrel.ca/stjohnsanglican/ by April 23. If you like what you see, please spread the word!

St. John’s, being downtown, doesn’t have a parking lot but our friends at the Alliance Church are allowing us the use their parking lot for the ‘non-contact barrel pick-up’ on Friday, April 30, from 3-7. The address is 270 Quarter Town Line, Tillsonburg, just south of North St.

For more information, please contact Ian McDowell at brinmcd@gmail.com or 519-688-0212.

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