Platinum Concrete leads Men's A division

Dave Weaver, The Voice of Slo-Pitch, Tillsonburg. (Norfolk Tillsonburg News)

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We are at the halfway point of the shortened regular season in Tillsonburg Men’s Slo-Pitch and as predicted by our league president the competition has been great! There are no undefeated teams after Week 3.

The weatherman has been very cooperative as only three games have been cancelled.

A Division

Platinum Concrete sit atop the division after wins over G.C. Lounsbury and Bob’s Sister. Haines Roofing sits just one back after beating Bob’s and edging G.C.

Haines 25, G.C. 24

Haines: Greg Buchner 4-4, Travis Horvath 3-4, Dave Phillips 3HR, Dave VanWyk HR, Jake Klassen 2HR

G.C.: Travis Nikon 4-5, Cheyne Sarafinchin 3-3 HR, Trevor Stuyt HR, Tim Townsend 3HR, Thom Puhr HR, Stephen DeBlaire HR

Haines-24, Bob’s Sister 18

Haines: Scott Harris 4-4, Travis Horvath 4-4 2HR, Dave Phillips 2HR

Bob’s: Bob Evans 4-4 HR, Josh Stubbs 3-4, Darren Pace HR, Steve Derks HR, Billy Wilson HR, Logan Kloet 2HR, Jason Ashton HR

Platinum Concrete 18, Bob’s Sister 17

Platinum: Joe Thorburn 5-5, Trevor Oakes 5-5 HR, Scott Balazs HR, Aaron Laporte 3HR

Bob’s: Ryan Black 3-4 HR, Billy Wilson 4-5 HR, Bob Evans HR, Logan Kloet HR, Bryan DeBlaire 2HR, Darren Pace HR

Platinum Concrete 16, G.C. 12

Platinum: Shawn Finch 4-4, Darryl Vandendriessche 4-4 HR, Scott Balazs HR, DJ Schnarr HR

G.C.: Sean Miller 4-4, Stephen DeBlaire 3-4 HR, Jarrett Anderson HR

B Division

Smitty’s mercied Chaos and Team Awesome upset Ward’s Automotive in the only B action sheets received.

Team Awesome 19, Ward’s 11

Team Awesome: Jon Nunn 5-5 2HR, Marty Hawel 4-5, Martin Klassen HR

Ward’s: Devin Sebok 4-4, Troy Lamoure 3-4

Smitty’s Electric 26, Chaos 6

Smitty’s: Alex Dalby 4-4, Adam Smith 4-4, Johnny Klassen 2HR, Jesse Legg 2HR

Chaos: Nathan Boldt 3-3, David Phipps 3-3, Ryan Miller HR

C Division

Pelicans handed Sluggers their first defeat with a four-run decision. Sluggers bounced back with a walk-off win over Norfolk Electric.

Pelicans 26, Sluggers 22

Pelicans: Steve Leacock 5-5, Adam Jensen 4-4 HR

Sluggers: David Berg 5-5 HR, Daniel Enns 4-5 HR, Martin Fehr HR

Sluggers 15, Norfolk Electric 14

Sluggers: John Berg 4-4, David Berg 3-4, James Dyck 2HR, Daniel Enns HR, Frank Harms HR

Norfolk: Tom Gammage 3-3, Keith McMerty 4-4 HR, AJ Johnson HR

D Division

Bad News Bears handed John Beere its first loss winning by four. Jokers defeated E’s Crusaders in a close one.

Bears 15, John Beere 11

Bears: Steve Vandergulik 3-3, Darryl Beattie 2-3, Jordan White HR

John Beere: Theo Karagis 3-4, Kevin Hollister 3-3

Jokers 16, Crusaders 14

Jokers: Ryan Copping 4-4 2HR, Wes McDougall 3-4 HR, Brent Schooley 2HR, Chris White HR

Crusaders: David Klassen 4-4, Jacob Bartsch 3-3, Henry Klassen HR, Daniel Klassen 2HR, Jake Klassen

E Division

Crusaders won over Inner Bay Renos and Brew Jays.

Crusaders 20, Inner Bay 15

Crusaders: David Klassen 4-4, Henry Klassen 5-5 2HR, Daniel Klassen HR, Jake Klassen HR, Corny Dyck HR

Inner: Mark Biro 4-4, Craig Boucher 4-4

Crusaders 25, Brew Jays 18

Crusaders: Abe Hamn 5-5 HR, Benny Klassen 5-5, Jake Klassen 2HR, Abe Bartsch HR, Henry Klassen HR, Daniel Klassen HR

Brew Jays: Dan Konrad 3-4, Devon Schultz 3-4 2HR, Tom Csoff HR, Guellermo Chavez HR, Gary Csoff HR, Mike Haegens HR