Mid-year enlightenment and alignment

Kelly Spencer

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Summer Solstice, Canada’s National Indigenous Peoples Day, Father’s Day were all celebrated this past weekend. It’s the mid-year mark and what a wild ride this year has been!

Summer Solstice the time at which the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky appearing at noon at its highest altitude above the horizon. This June event brings us more light with the longest day of 2020 as the Solstice occurred. The sun will position itself at exactly 0 degrees Cancer. While the day will stretch for us, our neighbors from the Southern Hemisphere will experience the shortest day for this year.

The Summer Solstice is aligned with the element of fire, passion, will and drive. This is the time to seek right action, to choose to walk in alignment with your beliefs.

National Indigenous Peoples Day is a day recognizing and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous (FNIM) peoples of Canada. We are offered an opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the cultural diversity of FNIM peoples by actively seeking information and educating ourselves on the history, the culture and the current lives and inspirations by First Nation people.

Father’s Day is the celebration of one of the creators of our lives. It is also the celebration of all father energy in our worlds. In the archetype experience of the King and Queen within us, the King when balanced is centered, decisive and lives by ethical principles. He is a defender of high values, a protector and provides order. He creates and inspires creativity in others.

Unlike the highly regarded King archetype which creates and blesses others, the shadow side is the Tyrant King seeks to destroy and tear down. Plagued by narcissism, he really does think that he sits at the center of the universe. The Tyrant wrongly believes that power is finite; he has a scarcity mentality.

As we hit the mid-year mark, this past weekend brought many symbolisms for us to contemplate and to evaluate mindfully the world we are creating for ourselves within the collective consciousness. Here are some thoughts for contemplation:

1. How do you celebrate the light in the world? There will always be “negative” or down sides of all. Our mindset is a powerful tool. Be real and honor the shadows or less favorable, but can you use growth mindset to honor what is working, your ability to get through challenging times, and be grateful for the things you do appreciate?

2. How do you honor the ancestors of our land? A lot of information and uncomfortable discussions have been happening about our country’s history with black people and indigenous people. This is really important for us to all understand. Can we also celebrate and honor the connection to the ancestors of our land by perhaps learning of some of their traditions, customs and honoring their beliefs such as many Indigenous ceremonies involve burning traditional plant medicines like sweetgrass, sage, tobacco and cedar. A core belief is to live in harmony with nature.

3. How is your inner-royalty? Examine what kind of king-energy you are supporting externally in your life but as well the archetypical energy of the king within you? Are your thoughts and deeds of ethical, orderly, centered and creative nature? Or tyrannical, narcissistic or scarcity mindset?

4. Check in with your body: Do a photocopy scan of your physical body from your toes to nose. Write down any areas that have been running less than optimally and then beside that list, write down ways that you could feel more realigned such as eating less sugar, eating more vegetables, going for a daily walk, yoga, proper amount of sleep and so on. Inquire within!

5. Check in with your mind: If someone were to take inventory of your mind, would it be calm or chaotic with thought? If you had to rate your stress level 0-10, what is it? What can you do to decrease stress and allow more calm and contentment into your life? Slow down. Smell the roses.

6. Check in with your heart: What kind of emotions have you been experiencing this week, this month, this year? Without judgment notice if your heart is truly happy. Are you feeling purposeful and living a life of joy? Find something to do once a week or more, that makes your heart light up!

7. The mid-year big picture: If you were to view all the areas of your life, including this past week’s symbolic celebrations on the mid-way mark of the year, what goals would you set for yourself for the next half of the year?

Mindfulness is bringing awareness of where you are in this moment and with loving acceptance, take authentic action to align yourself with the highest and healthiest version of YOU.

As we hit the mid-year point on the calendar in one of the wildest and challenging times many of us have ever experienced, I invite you to see this as a wonderful opportunity. An opportunity to take some time to dedicate and enlighten yourselves on the bigger perspective of our life, where you are at now, and how you want to transform and manifest for the coming days.

(Happy Healthy YOU is a wellness column by Kelly Spencer: writer, life coach, yoga & meditation teacher, holistic healer and a mindful life enthusiast! If you would like to see an article on a specific topic, please email kelly@indigolounge.ca).