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Not much time left and lots yet to do.

Many are feeling the strain of the holiday. Bank accounts are stretched as are physical limitations. We don’t take very good care of ourselves. No one is getting enough sleep so are stressed and a bit testy. Have done enough. Will recipients be happy with our choices? Have I got everything for the meal?

It’s hard to feel joyful or at peace at this time of year because we clutter up our minds and hearts with expectations, anticipations, wishes. We want to make sure the usual traditions are upheld and include everyone. We forget, or do not want to admit, not all family members have the same feelings or even care about those long-loved traditions. Should we be expecting others to abide by our needs?


Linda Hoffman

Two Cents Worth


I think we make it way too hard on ourselves. We are neither the keeper of the family traditions nor the manager of those who choose not to conform to them. Each of us should be able to do Christmas as we see fit and not judge anyone else for doing it their way.


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I learned a long time ago family traditions are quite easily changed with very little upheaval. Sometimes it’s a decision we make for ourselves and sometimes it is foisted upon us. Either way Christmas Day comes and goes and will return again next year. The important part is that we spend time with, love, and share with those who matter whether it is on Christmas Day, a week before or two weeks after.

Again I am forced to do things different than how I would like. My renovations have compelled me to make changes. My house is still in chaos, so decorating has been all but eliminated. I do not, nor will I, have a countertop or working sink in my kitchen by Christmas and not sure when that is likely to happen. I am pretty good at working around the inconvenience for myself but it is not very conducive for cooking big meals, baking or entertaining. I am eternally grateful for those who have picked up the slack and for taking care of me.

Sometimes we just have to allow others the freedom to live their life and celebrate the season as they choose. It might not be as you want but being open and willing to allow them that choice and independence can be very nourishing and nurturing for everyone. Forcing people to do what you want them to do can be damaging to any relationship but allowing them to determine how they wish to observe the occasion brings a closeness and tenderness which is so rewarding.

I am anticipating a very full, loving, peaceful, contented Christmas. Like many of us, I have all that I need, more than I deserve and want for nothing. I am filled with joy, gratitude and affection for my family, who has to love me no matter what, and friends who care and willingly share their hearts with me. I may not have many gifts under my tree but I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Merry Christmas everyone and may you find harmony, happiness and acceptance during this most holy season.

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