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The wish and cheer is “Happy New Year” so let’s not start 2021 being sullen, angry or defiant.

More importantly let’s not start the New Year being reckless. Please follow all the proper procedures – no big parties, wear a mask, keep six or more feet apart, wash your hands and/or disinfect frequently, don’t share food or drink from anyone else’s container, no hugging or kissing unless you live together. It may not be as much fun but it can save a life. No one wants to end up in hospital to start off 2021 or lose a family member or friend because they didn’t follow medical advice.

I’m hands on, a hugger, so the distancing is really hard and I know it’s uncomfortable to wear a mask. I find them hot and as soon as I put it on my nose starts running which is really gross. I don one whenever I leave the house.

When you look around everyone seems so miserable. I think it’s because our smiles are covered. We need transparent masks or learn how to “smyze” – smile with your eyes.  I am forever saying, “I’m smiling under here!” when I meet people. I don’t say anything when I stick my tongue out.


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I know there are those who don’t believe in the pandemic, masks or distancing. Some folks are totally rights-minded or leave their fate to God. Good for you; so be it; have at it but congregate with like-minded folks and stay away from others. Your rights and beliefs end at another’s personal space.

We need to look ahead to the New Year, to our future, and realize there are so many wondrous things yet to see, interesting things yet to learn, fascinating things yet to do. It’s time to stop kvetching.  We know it’s been a tough year; we have all suffered in one way or another but as Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Let’s welcome in the New Year with positivity, humour, excitement and confidence. Let’s uplift each other.  Remember most often it’s the insignificant action that produces the most meaningful reaction. We can support each other; create a more optimistic, fun and heartwarming atmosphere in our communities and our homes just by being kind, understanding and thoughtful.

Stop talking about returning to normal. When we look back normal was OK but I think it’s time to upgrade. Let’s generate an improved, more secure, more united future for all of us. We can look for the possibilities instead of the limitations, the opportunities not the obstructions. It is up to each of us. Are you up to the challenge?

Happy New Year everyone.


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