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It’s good to know

There are things in life really good to know even if the likelihood of needing the information is almost non-existent.

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You may never need to prove or disprove the idea of playing dead when you run into a bear in the wild but it’s good to know it depends on what kind of bear and how hungry it is. Playing dead may prove you are an easy meal and fighting back may show the bear you are more trouble than tasty.


It’s good to know, when lost or just hiking in the woods, what poison ivy and poison oak look like and the difference between edible and poisonous fungi and berries.

When you finally decide to renovate your old house, it’s good to know if there is asbestos in those old walls before you start pulling them down.

Having received a plethora of emails from bookkeepers and accountants everywhere, it’s good to know I actually do something right. Thanks folks for the thumbs up; you made me feel smart.

It’s good to know just how much alcohol you should add to any dish regardless of the recipe. Deciding I had made enough bread crumbs and stuffing mix from bread ends, to last me a lifetime, I chose to use up a fancy loaf in a bread pudding. Since I had all the right ingredients I whipped up a batch of bourbon bread pudding with bourbon sauce. Now, knowing bread pudding does not freeze well, having few visitors with whom to share and an unwillingness to throw away food, I tried to eat it up quickly.

When I make it again it I will know to cut way back on the bourbon. I think I was drunk for three days before I finally decided it was a good idea to throw out was left. I did keep the sauce thinking it might be pretty good over ice cream.

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Lots of folks have been out rolling their lawns. I decided I like my lawn to be lumpy so when I am pushing my lawn mower around in the heat of summer I can imagine I am joyfully hiking a beautiful, rocky mountain trail. It’s good to know I have a very vivid imagination.

I think it’s very helpful to know a dowser. A dowser is someone with the divine ability to locate ground water, gems, metals and negative, destructive or evil earth rhythms without the use of scientific devices. I happen to know one and she has proven herself a successful diviner having located water, dead bodies, Indigenous villages and burial grounds, etc. I have seen her in action and she is good to know when you have lost jewelry, keys, the deed to your house or whatever.

I think it’s time Rick and Marty Lagina ask Mae to visit Oak Island. For years I have watched them find bits of iron, buttons, leather, endless wood pieces and structures, bits of pottery, shafts, tunnels and human bones in the swamp, the beach, various lots and the money pit area. It’s time to find the treasure.

They have dug so many holes in the island it’s a wonder it hasn’t sunk.

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