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Is someone giving away tires?

Did the bottom fall out of the rubber market?

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Every stretch of roadway, straight or not, has layers of tire marks. The intersections in rural areas are covered with circular patterns left by tires. Are tires so inexpensive you can discard them all over the road without consequence?


Who’s paying for those tires? The last time I bought tires, I had to go on a diet to cover the cost so I am very careful how I treat them. I work to preserve the rubber, never leaving any of it stuck to the roads.

Alright, I am not so old that I don’t remember the quarter mile runs, spinning tires or laying rubber. I get it. They all need to show their prowess, their manliness when they reach a certain age. But back then it was done occasionally out of the sight and hearing of those who could cause some difficulty or stress. The cops would do what they do if you were caught and your parents would kill you if they knew.

I don’t know if it’s young bucks trying to prove they got it or old guys trying to prove they still got it. Either way boys, if you need to do this to impress others or bolster your own ego – to prove you got it – you ain’t got it.

OK, ok, I am not suggesting you must stop these displays of presumed virility. I realize it is all part of the transition from boy to man, which I notice comes at a much older age than it used to. I understand the need and the necessity of such roostering. After all it’s all part of growing up, right?

My point is you need to consider the potential of danger you create. I know it’s hard for you to believe but you just might not have complete control of your vehicle every time you are expending your fuel or discarding your rubber. Who knows what damage you might do to someone else’s property or even their life. There are parked cars, homes and people who live where you are pretending to be grown up and they are placed in a seriously precarious situation by your actions.

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Often these demonstrations are staged right in front of their home (the rubber on the road is enough of a clue), in the down town area, up and down the street, exiting every side street and anywhere else the notion strikes. What does this tell me? Those at home are not showing mature, intelligent leadership and the police are not visible enough to worry anyone?

Now really, does having a hot car or truck make you something other than what you are? Does squealing your tires in front of my house make you more of a man? What does doing doughnuts at the intersections on rural roads prove? Does endangering those who live along the road or those with whom you share the road make you feel powerful?

Don’t get all over me about making this a male thing. I have witnessed a lot of this from my porch and have never seen a female behind the wheel. I will state there may be some girls out there who do this, too, but it is more a male requirement than a female requisite.

If you must do this, at least get out of town.


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