Embracing your inner hippie-gypsy soul

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Over the years, many including my own children, refer to me as a hippie or someone having a gypsy soul.

I only knew the “idea” of what that might mean for a long time. However, over the years of my own healing and transformation along with my studies in yoga philosophy, mindfulness and an inner pull to live a simple, peaceful and loving life, I have a greater understanding now of why many have said this to me.

However, I bet many of you are thinking, “What the heck is an inner hippie-gypsy soul?”

When we tap into our unique, personal power, it is not about the bohemian, tie-dyed outfit, flowers in your hair or saying things like “they have good energy”, however these bi-products may just happen, none the less.

When we connect with inner authentic selves, we can experience breakthroughs and shifts in our energy and our lives. It has nothing to do with anyone else. It is unique to us and is an expression of what and who we truly are, when we strip away the onion layers of life experiences.


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Choosing to live authentic and empowered, we may decide to not hide from anything or anyone, not even the stories we tell ourselves. It is a decision to dedicate the way we live to embracing more inner-wisdom and honouring our own worthiness. To mindfully raise our own consciousness to understand ourselves more and what we want for ourselves and the world. It would mean the tall order of ending blaming and scapegoating and stepping into the obligation of mindfully, walking our talk.

You don’t need live to have attended the famous hippie festival of Woodstock. A modern-day hippie aims to be more conscious and mindful of thoughts, feelings and actions. To stand up for humanity and disavow oppression. It is an appreciation of the elements and our Earth. Your aim is to feel good, peaceful and loving and to want the same for all humankind.

You will want to notice your “energy” or your stress levels and keep your energy balanced by finding ways to de-stress, stay grounded and aware of what it is you are feeling and experiencing. Again, mindfulness practices and spending time in nature can assist with this.

It is allowing passion and inspiration of life by different ideas, attitudes, experiences and adventures, to guide us.

It is being accepting, honest-natured, and wanting all things good for the world. Forget the stereotype and look around, you’re probably surrounded by more hippie-gypsy souls, than you think.

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