Embracing the grey of uncertainty

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There is black. There is white.

In between, are the many shades of grey uncertainty.

There is a continual bombardment of information coming from contrasting forces.

If I am to be honest, I just want to chill in the grey of uncertainty. I have discovered that I am a strongly opinionated person that is okay with not knowing what is going on fully. If the top scientists in the world can say, “we don’t know for sure” because this is a new virus, a new world, a new way… why can’t we?

I am done with people telling me, “you must see it my way” or as one woman told me “she would pray for my soul” because I didn’t believe in some Dr. Evil plot-line.

I don’t need a fall guy. I don’t need to blame, shame or be lame to another human. I don’t follow or continue to listen to those that continue to put more fear out in a wobbly world, instead of trying to be a respectful and contributing part of the solution, the hope or the inspiration.


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It’s not black or white. There is a whole lot of grey and uncertainty.

I am tired of the Dunning Kruger effect where folks highly overestimate their own level of skill and knowledge or fail to recognize genuine skill in experts. Or disrespect people with an unwarranted superiority or an inflated sense of privilege or entitlement.

I don’t want to read anymore conspiracy theories, the American pushed political agendas or the idea that this is a power grab or fake virus to control people.

I don’t care to hear any more from people that think the masses of scientist on this planet are in a co-conspiracy or are puppets of the W.H.O.

I don’t want to read stories from fake disinformation websites while you claim “main stream media is fake news.” I don’t want to listen to claims that if people aren’t up in arms and afraid of 5G, Fauci, Gates, and vaccines, they are ‘not awake’ or if they aren’t afraid of these things, that they are sheep being controlled by fear. (So wait, we shouldn’t let ourselves be run by fear of virus but we should be really afraid of global domination, mass conspiracy and so on?)

I don’t want to see another YouTube video of horrifying theories. I don’t want to listen to any more insults when people don’t agree with you. I don’t want to hear people without field background and specialization explain how virology, epidemiology or herd immunity works because they took a course or read an article, or saw a video.

I don’t want to hear any more arm-chair politicians tells us how wrong the elected officials got it, but how right they are and how a country should be run during a pandemic (or any time). Please, run for office.


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If you notice that you are exaggerating drama talk, that you are black and white thinking during such a grey uncertain time, if you are over-generalizing, catastrophizing and playing imagine dragons of scenarios in your head or finding yourself in a place of casting blame, shame or insult to others, perhaps start with acknowledgement.

Take a deep breath. Let go of judgement. Acknowledge what is the mindful truth of your thoughts and then see if you can shift. Can you can embrace the grey shades of uncertainty? Can we let go of conclusion and theories and honor what is, as it is?

And in this time of grey unknown can we also bring attention to what is going right?

I am so thrilled to see so many people step up and be kinder, more compassionate, elevated, expanded and inspirational. I want to watch people and follow people that are a part of the solution. I wish to surround myself with the energy of hope and inspiration and respect.

I am grateful to hear from my sister Tracey in Hong Kong, that they are getting back to normal after they did what had to be done (masks, social distancing, closure for short term period of some services/shops). They have had only four deaths in seven million people with a population density of about 7,000 people/km. Canada has four people/km. (Read that again.)

I am not terrified of the virus. I am going to do my part. I am not afraid of vaccines. We have choices. I am not going to be fearful of all the varied theories, because, well, they are just that, theories.

I am grateful for our Ontario government, and Canadian government, that has stepped up during this unprecedented time. I am grateful for Dr. Teresa Tam being the expert sound of reason in Canada.

I am grateful for my health and the health of the people I love.

And until I know different, I am embracing the grey of uncertainty.

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