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DeJONGHE: Who’s the boss?

The weather should teach us we are not the boss. We just naturally gripe about a lot of things especially the weather regardless of what we are experiencing. It’s too cold, too dry, too hot, too humid, too wet, too windy, too…

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Usually, we get taught a lesson when our grievances get out of hand as witnessed a few weeks ago when, after whining about the heat, humidity and how badly we needed some rain, we were given a couple days of rain followed by an extended blast of frigid temperatures and an explosion of scary wind. Do you think we will ever learn to accept what is given and stop being so querulous? We need to remember who runs things and we should not tempt fate.


I tempted fate a few years ago when I didn’t go to a scheduled medical appointment. Putting off that test caused me much more serious procedures which required a specialist in London and a lengthy recuperation. Lesson learned.

About six months after that procedure I was scheduled for a check-up but COVID hit so my follow up appointment was cancelled and put on hold. When they called about a year or so later to set up another date I was hesitant to go into hospital at the height of a second surge so asked if I could wait a bit longer, which was granted since I had experienced no adverse symptoms or issues. This spring I received my first vaccine so decided it was safe enough to go for the follow up, then the hospital was closed down.

In the meantime I was sent a normal FIT home test. It came back positive so suddenly I was at the top of the list and the hospital resumed non-critical procedures. Things moved quickly and I was in Tillsonburg hospital where it was found the previous removal by the specialist showed regrowth. Again, haste was indicated and thankfully there was a cancellation so I was quickly scheduled to go back to London to determine what should be done in regards to this situation.

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If I had gone several years ago for my regular appointment when I was supposed to the likelihood the first specialist visit would have been averted. A reminder to have all necessary, routine testing done on time as it could save a lot of extra stress, worry and downtime.

Yet when I think about it, maybe it was a good thing I was not able to go back in the six month time period for the follow up or the anomaly might not have been detected and would have continued to grow and mutate or whatever those things do. It would have been another few years until I went back for the regular test. So maybe, just maybe, the extra wait was necessary to allow the regrowth to be caught before it became really dangerous or even deadly.

It’s a conundrum for sure but I will just be thankful someone is looking out for me. I know who the boss is and it isn’t me.

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