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DeJONGHE: Setting the mood … or a warning?

The snowfall put me in the mood.

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I am not sure for what, but that blast of winter we had on Nov. 14 was stimulating and frightening. Did it put you in a more wintery, Christmasy mood or did you take it as a warning from Mother Nature?


Either way, it meddled with the hydro, brought down branches and helped the remainder of those stubborn leaves to fall. It convinced me I will not be hosting any more porch visits so have finally stowed the chairs and tables in the garage.

I often play put and take around the house, replacing some items with those stashed away. When I took out a lovely silver boat-shaped dish, I thought it would make a nice vessel for some Christmas balls and sparkly garland. While digging out the ornaments I also saw some tinsel garland I could use in another larger vase. So, I can say I have begun to do my Christmas decorating. I am not quite as crazy about it as some folks so I may have reached my limit already but another good snowy, blustery day might spurn me on a bit further.

The snow did force me to face my more immediate need to replace my van. I have been putting off doing so because it’s been impossible to find just what I want and prices have gone way up.

The old girl runs OK, but the body, much like mine, has seen much better days and it’s only a matter of time before major, expensive mechanical things start to go wrong. I might have to rethink my choice and go with an alternative but I haven’t yet completely given up hope.

Most people keep asking why I need a van and I do ask myself whether or not I really need all the room a minivan provides. I am very comfortable driving one, I feel safer sitting a bit higher, they are easy and just so handy. I have on many occasions, with the third row of seats down, filled the entire back, so having the necessary space is important to me. A van will fit several large totes to take to waste yard, a number of coolers, boxes of food and luggage on a trip. Loading and unloading groceries, large paintings, picking up or transporting large parcels, taking several friends on an adventure are all so simple. I could go on but you get the picture.

If you see a Red Green van, with duct tape holding her together and a string running through the windows to work the windshield wipers made out of hockey sticks you know I haven’t yet found the right replacement.

It’s OK if you turn away and pretend you don’t know me.

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