Dear Santa, here are my intentions and desires

Kelly Spencer

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Although visualization can get passed off as new age hype, research has shown that there is a strong scientific basis for how and why visualizing your desires works.

When my kids were younger, I taught them to use visualization to manifest desired outcome. Armed with this knowledge they, with believable instead of doubt, have gone after what they want. I still remember doing a law of attraction letter with my kids when they were about 7 and 9 years old and my son wrote he wished for big and fluffy snowflakes. They next day, from the sky fell big and fluffy snowflakes and with amazement, he declared “I am so powerful.”

Now coincidental or not, many successes in life come from this scientifically proven way to visual what we want. Many CEOs and professional athletes do just this.

This time of year, you can get clear by writing a Dear Santa Letter.

Here are desires from some of the Indigo Lounge Wellness Centres to good ol’ Saint Nicholas.

Dear Santa,

This year I am asking for the biggest present yet: the gift of every family having a warm meal together. Christmas can be a difficult time for a lot of people and we really need to thank the Helping Hand Food Bank and other local programs that help those in need over the Holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!

Dr. Mark Dickson, Dickson Chiropractic


Dear Nick, I hope that as I am an adult now, we can be on more familiar terms. I apologize for the length of time it has been since I last wrote to you, my days of circling the gumball machine from the Sears Christmas Wish book are long past. I have outgrown my childhood fears of knowing you see me when I am sleeping or awake and when I have been bad or good. I work on not being creeped out by that and honestly, I did ask for forgiveness when I cussed at the person who cut me off on the 401 while driving to a Dining with the Dead event.

My request this year feels simple to me and I hope that it will be an easy request for you fulfill. I ask that the magic of Christmas – the joy of giving, the sense of community, compassion, love, hope and peace are felt every day all year long. Witnessing all the gifts of selfless giving makes my heart swell with joy. I try hard not to feel blue when those selfless acts tend to fade as more days are crossed off the calendar after Christmas.

I hold no resentment to my unsuccessful requests for a Sears Christmas Wish book gumball machine. I am hopeful that this will be the year I find one under my tree. Also pens, I seem to forget most of my pens at the venues hosting Dining with the Dead events. Pens would be greatly appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful, successful season. I will always believe in you and the magic of the Christmas Spirit.

Your friend,

Kerrilynn Shellhorn, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Workshop Facilitator


Dear Santa, this year I am so grateful and acknowledge how blessed I am to have my parents and in-laws alive and my wish is to spend as much quality time with them as I can. If you are able to grant me a healthy body to keep running as well, I’d appreciate it.

From Tamara Bull, Organic Café “Kitchen Kraut”


Dear Santa Claus,

First, thank you for taking the time to read this on such a busy season, but if you can, I have one wish I’d love to send out.

This wish goes out to those who may find themselves alone on Christmas, without a friend, a loved one, a spouse, whoever it may be, please bless them with someone. No one should be alone during the giving season. Let us join hands in unity and embrace those by showing what it means to be a compassionate, empathetic human. Acknowledge one another on the streets and allow them to enter your home to bring a smile to their face and love in their hearts. For everyone should have someone this season – be selfless.

A wish for myself? Geez that may be hard! How can we decide what we need when we have been shown how blessed we already are?

I guess something I would like as a mother would be to have another child, and to bless other women who may be struggling in the same fight. Shoot strength upon us! But to have one self-care day to just relish in, I would take that too. I’m pretty vocal about taking time for ourselves, but why is it that we never seem to figure out that we need it for ourselves? Sending so much love out to you this season!!

Love, Suze Farkas

Holistic Spa facilitator, Aromatherapist and health consultant.


Dear Santa,

My most important wish this year, is that all of us around the world could come to understand the idea of All My Relations. If we came to comprehend the truth that we are all connected, we are all related, that we belong to each other, and to choose to live this teaching, we could collectively change the energy and consciousness that would heal each of us individually, and the whole planet.

The most important word here is ALL. Not just those who look like me, speak like me, pray like me or behave like me. ALL my relations. That means every person, just as it means every rock, lake, tree, blade of grass, and creature.

And Santa, this year, if you could see your way to parking a new car in my driveway, I would be ever so grateful!

With love and gratitude for all the abundant blessings in my life,

Leanne Hennessy

Indigo Lounge Kids and Adult Yoga Teacher


Dear Santa

Grown ups love the magic you bring just as much as kids do! And with that in mind, here’s my Christmas list:

I just want more calm. That means less rushing; more cuddle time. Less divisive politics; more maturity and understanding.

Less Instagram expectations; more being true to ourselves.

Less TV; more books.

Less fried meals on the go; more family recipes eaten at the dinner table.

And gift certificates for spa treatments… they make me very calm.

Love, Dana Wallis

Indigo Lounge Customer service


Dear Santa,

I wish people would stop looking for the insult in other people’s words and rather look for the intention. Words only carry the power which we give to them. If someone speaks ineloquently, rather than searching for how to be offended by what they have said, search for the intended meaning that person is attempting to portray. It is my wish that people work harder to see the best in others.

Katie Knapp, K. Knapp Osteopathy


Dear Santa,

It’s been awhile since we last chatted. How’s everything at the North Pole? I think last time I heard you were having some issues with a heavy fog and a special four legged red nosed friend came to save the day.

This year for Christmas, as much as I’d love a new pair of boots and a relaxing pedicure (wink, wink, to some other folks if they need any ideas.) What I’d really like is to be more ‘in the moment’ this year spending quality time and making lasting memories with friends and family. Last year was a bit of a haze with late nights, diapers, and sleep schedules for our first little one on top of dinner planning, gift shopping, wrapping, and hosting.

Also, as parents and grandparents get older each year and now being a Mom of my own little girl I can truly feel just how fast time flies which makes me value each and every moment and memory our family can have together that much more than any material gift.

So, if you could shoot me a little reminder here and there over the holidays to slow down and enjoy that would be the best gift of all. I know you’ve upped your game in the tech department since last time so text, email, DM, or whatever social medium works best for you to make contact is cool by me.

Thanks, so much Santa. I owe you one.

Merry Christmas!

Erica VandenBroek R.M.T.

Erica VandenBroek & Associates Registered Massage Therapy


Dear Saint Nick,

My wish for the World is that all Sentient Beings experience unconditional love every day of their lives.

Eric Severeid said, ” Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day in the year that reminds us we’re here for something else besides ourselves.”

I’m so grateful to be part of the Indigo Lounge Family. This is what we strive to do, fulfill our soul contracts, and be of service. May the blessed Light of Christmas grow in each and everyone’s heart.

Cathy Starfire Woman,

Indigenous energy healer and Full Moon workshops facilitator


Dear Santa

Tonight, I went to see Christmas lights in the neighbourhood with family. A house nearby is such a spectacular sight! Complete with a holographic image of you in one of the upstairs windows. I stood outside my niece’s vehicle like a child waiting in line at the mall for their moment with you. That moment where I’d have your undivided attention. That moment when you would listen to me and only me and really care that I wanted a doll for Christmas. You never let me down. Well, one time I thought you did. I asked for Raggedy Ann and you brought Andy. Unbeknownst to me in that moment, you knew what you were doing. Andy needed a home and you trusted me to be his mom.

I saw you in the mall last week and waved to you. When you waved back at me, I still got that warm feeling that the child in me got year after year. Well Santa, this year I’d love for you to bring dolls to every little girl or boy who needs an Andy, as much as I thought I wanted an Ann.

Love Susie, Indigo Lounge Café & Eatery


Dear Santa,

My wish this Christmas is not for myself but for that person who is feeling like life is just too big and too hard to handle anymore. Help them to see that their journey does not have to be faced alone but to know that by reaching out and talking about their struggle, they may find that one connection that can change their lives.

My Christmas wish is for people to see that it is when they are feeing their weakest that they are being their strongest because they have somehow survived everything thus far!

Santa, my wish this holiday season and for 2020 is for people to tell someone their story and share their truth and that no one struggle alone.

(Also don’t forget what I whispered in your ear at the mall! I need a puppy and a Caribbean cruise!)

Warmest holiday wishes,

Kim Morris-Brown, MSW, BSW

INARA Counselling


Dear Santa, thank you for all of the gifts and miracles last year, and all of the years before. This year I want to dream bigger though. My Christmas wish is for the world to be led through love, rather than trauma. I wish all of the hearts were healed, that all of the experiences that weigh so heavy on the human spirit were able to be lifted and people were able to step into their own innate power, and that people everywhere experienced unconditional love.

Thanks, Catherine Graham

Ohana Generational Healing Facilitator and Certifications


Dear Santa

For Christmas this year and probably every year, I will ask for the same thing. I wish for my family to stay happy and healthy and be strong but soft-hearted.

If I can be a little greedy, I wish for all the hate in the world to end. Racism would be extinct, and wars would come to an end because people realize differences in religion and culture and colour doesn’t make any difference in how we can treat each other.

Also for my attic Reno to be finished.

Thanks boo,

Ashley Popp, “9-free” Shine on Nails at Indigo Lounge


Dear Saint Nicholas,

I have been thinking about what I would like for Christmas from you this year… I told Elfy, our Elf on the Shelf, what I would like as well so you will hear my request again tonight when he flies back to the north pole. I am asking for you to give everyone the ability to feel truly grateful for their lives, the comfortableness they enjoy and for the loved ones surrounding them. It can be so hard to see past current hardships to be thankful. Please give them the gift of true gratefulness and the happy feeling that results from this positive outlook. Oh, and I would also like a decorative snowman to add to my collection!

Happy Holidays Santa!

Elaine Weger, Indigo Lounge Zumba Instructor for Adults and Kids


Dear Santa,

My wish this year is that no single person on this earth is lonely during the holiday season.

Love, Sheri

Indigo Lounge Café & Eatery