Catching up on sports

Linda DeJonghe, Two Cents Worth.

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Any sports fan should be getting their fill.

Most teams are trying to finish last year’s season. The games overlap with sometimes three different sports being televised on the same day. You have to pick and choose or flick back and forth to check on scores.

A friend of mine is a bigger a fan, more dedicated, than I. Although we share in some areas she has different tastes. She is much more selective in her favourites – Canadian baseball, basketball and hockey teams and golf. I like baseball and hockey, too, and car racing, tennis, equestrian events, snow and ice events, boxing, track and field, gymnastics, Tour de France, MMA, a bit of football… well, you get the idea, pretty much anything except golf. Although I know it’s very physical and athletic I do not consider (professional) wrestling a sport. I do have very fond memories of watching my grandparents watch wrestling. They were more fun than the matches but that’s a story, I think, I have already shared.

My friend and I talk each day and discuss the latest game(s). She has no interest in the car races or tennis matches I watched so it’s usually a one-sided discussion. She’s been updating me on the Jays and/or Raptors. It is cute how if our team is doing well she is on a first name bases with the players and coaches. If they are losing she calls them by their last name or position. She also is sure the officiating and/or the commentators have a definite American bias.

When our Blue Jays lost by four she was displeased and it was a very short conversation. When they lost by 11 she was pretty upset and vented. When they lost by 15, well, what can you do? As she expressed her frustration with the team I started laughing and it just got funnier the more she described the baseball game/comedy show. Eventually, we were both laughing until we had tears. I don’t think either of us has ever had so much fun over a baseball game.

Didn’t tell her, to me her reaction was the funniest part. That is often my reaction when things don’t go as planned or hoped, even if it’s me who messed up. No amount of anger or frustration will change an unwanted outcome so you might just as well have a good laugh then re-adjust the plan or expectations. It’s a reaction that many people find somewhat off-putting, especially sensitive folks who sometimes seem to think I am laughing at them. And sometimes I am.