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COVID-19 is in control and we need to take our power back.

There is much going on in our world these days but we are preoccupied with the state of our communal health and our financial security, which is pretty understandable. We feel helpless, angry, overwhelmed and at some points hopeless because of what this virus has done to our way of life. We can take charge of our lives again by doing a few simple things. The catch is we all have to do them.

We have a segment of our society who refuses to follow instructions to help stop this pandemic. They stupidly consider it a challenge to their freedom, their rights. They feel being told to wear a mask and social distance is tyranny. This is a simplistic, individual and offensive argument. You may have the right and freedom to open yourself up to harm but you are not entitled to put anyone else in jeopardy.

All of us need to consider those around us. If you choose to take a stand by ignoring what the scientists and medical professionals are telling you, to thumb your nose at the possibility of getting COVID-19, good for you; have at it. I just wonder how proud your mother, grandmother, son, newborn niece or best friend will be if they end up in hospital, on a ventilator, or worse, because of your selfish attitude. You can do you, just not at anyone else’s expense.


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I wear a mask when I am out and keep myself away from other people – even those I love and would give anything to hug – for my safety, their protection and your wellbeing. I think I have the right to expect the same respect.

I wonder if those who yell ‘tyranny’ are the same ones who continue to talk on their cell phone while driving? Who don’t make their kids wear a helmet when bike riding? Who won’t wear their seatbelt? Who drive 100 miles per hour in a 50 mile an hour zone? Who get behind the wheel of a car when drunk or high?

A bit too dramatic? So is death. Doing what we are told, following the rules is how we save lives and stop the spread of this virus.

Has anyone noticed how many old songs are being used on TV commercials? I think they are targeting us old folks. They are not playing hip hop or rap so they are trying to attract the attention of Boomers. I know I am not the only one who stops what I am doing, smiles, remembers, sings and even takes a twirl around the room when I hear a couple bars of a popular song from my youth. Do you think this is coincidental? I don’t. I think they figure us old folks are the ones who are being smart, staying home, watching TV. Do you suppose they think we will be more easily influenced into spending money on stuff by stoking our memories, our emotions? We are smarter than that as evidenced by the fact most of us are doing what we are told and staying home.

I think this pandemic has allowed a regeneration of a better environment on our planet. I am enjoying a resurgence of a variety of birds in my yard chattering and singing. A small woodpecker-type species, which I haven’t seen in years, has again found a smorgasbord in the big maple outside my Mom’s bedroom. Well, it’s actually my office but it was built, years ago, as Mom’s bedroom so will likely always be called that. Anyway, I get to enjoy watching it outside the window flitting around looking for bugs.

The sparkling fireflies have returned in numbers. They are winking and twinkling as they dance and flirt creating a magical, glittering ballroom in my back yard. I remember we would we would be mesmerized by them when I was a kid on the farm. We would catch them in jars so we could watch them close up but always let them go before harm came to them. It is still a wondrous sight.

We are now taking the time to listen, see and enjoy much of what we have been missing for a long, long time, too busy to notice or care.

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