New Jersey family, unable to swim, drown trying to save child

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A New Jersey family died this week when relatives of an eight-year-old who had jumped into a pool tried to save the child.

Police told the New York Post that the two people who jumped into the pool in a rescue attempt could not swim.

They said the child — identified by neighbours as Sacchi Patel, according to the New York Post — jumped into a six- or seven-foot part of the above-ground pool at the East Brunswick, N.J. property.

An aunt called for help and the child’s 62-year-old grandfather, Bharat Patel, jumped in first, according to the report. But he didn’t know how to swim, so the girl’s mother, 33-year-old Nisha Patel, also jumped in to attempt to save them both. Unfortunately, she did not know how to drown either and all three died.

The aunt was able to get to the child, but not before she had died, according to NBC New York.


A report said the family had bought the house in April and a neighbour said they had recently had the pool fixed up and might have been using it for the first time.

An initial investigation had reportedly looked into whether the three died from being electrocuted, but that was ruled out on Tuesday.