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Vanden Bussche Irrigation donates to Delhi Sharing Pantry

Vanden Bussche Irrigation shared its Christmas spirit this year with the Delhi Sharing Pantry.

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A ‘Holiday Food Drive Competition’ started at the Delhi company collected 1,240 pounds of non-perishable food items in just three weeks.


Vanden Bussche Irrigation president Marc Vanden Bussche matched $1 for every pound, donating $1,240. All proceeds went to the Sharing Pantry, said Caitlin Wallace, marketing coordinator at Vanden Bussche Irrigation, “who were astounded and extremely grateful for our contributions to their efforts. We’re both thrilled and comforted here at Vanden Bussche to know we have helped so many within our community not only during the holiday season, but throughout these challenging COVID times.”

“She (Wallace) did it as a contest,” Vanden Bussche said. “She divided the staff up into, I think, four groups and had a contest to see who could get the most weight. It was just for bragging rights… and it was getting fun. They were consistently going out and buying stuff that would add to the weight.

“They were starting to figure out that the cans of soup were outweighing the KD (Kraft Dinner),” he added with a laugh.

Impressed by their generosity and dedication to the cause, Vanden Bussche matched the total weight in dollars.

The food and monetary donations were safely delivered Dec. 23 to Delhi Sharing Pantry co-coordinator Ruth Brown.

“We talked to her – yeah, we surprised her – and she was quite happy,” said Vanden Bussche. “Yesterday was a good day for it, it wasn’t snowing like today. We took it in through the back door.”

Vanden Bussche said their first Holiday Food Drive Competition would become a tradition at the company.

“It did well,” he summed up.

“We are very involved in the industry of food, obviously. There’s a lot of vegetables and fruit that rely on our products, apples, blueberries, strawberries… we’re essential to the food industry supplying irrigation. So we know the importance of good quality food and meals and the health that goes with it.”

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