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We all hate rules. Ever since we were little we railed against anything that sounded like a restriction. Don’t and no were bad words and always increased the wanting to do exactly what we were told not to do. Come on now, you know it’s true.

Even after we gained enough age and experience to know rules and regulations are put in place for a reason, to protect us, safeguard others and defend property, we hated being told we were ‘not allowed.’


Linda Hoffman Two Cents Worth


Sometimes following the rules is inconvenient and annoying. Sometimes not following the rules can be dangerous and even life-threatening. We all have the right to petition to make changes if we feel the policies are unjustified, are not helpful, or serve no purpose but until they are changed we are all supposed to do things as have been set out.

A simple, little lesson on how when some folks don’t follow the rules everyone suffers the consequences.


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Anyone who owns a home in town knows the issues of disposing of yard garbage. Most facilities for this purpose are time scheduled, which is not always convenient to when you are doing the work. I know some folks who have had to store bags or containers for several days waiting for operating hours. There are also restrictions as to what and where things are dumped and people on site to make sure you do it right.

We here in Otterville have, for many years, had the privilege, granted by the property owner, to have access to huge concrete bins in which to deposit our yard waste within the village. There are signs up designating which bin is for branches and the like and one designed for grass cuttings, garden refuse and leaves. There are also signs stating what is not acceptable, which is anything that isn’t yard waste. The bins are huge and open on one end so you can easily back your truck, tractor or wagon right to the front before unloading. When needed, the township would come in and clean out the bins.

This area was open all the time for use by citizens. There is no one checking to see if you live in the village or watching what you are dumping. Access was available 24/7. It made life simpler for all of us. It was a much appreciated service and many folks abided by the rules and regulations.

But some did not. And some were very inconsiderate of the rest of us and very disrespectful of the landowner. Often people would simply dump at the entrance of the bin which prevented anyone else from getting into the empty bin to unload. The next load was then dumped even further out. Many times the dumping extended well into the owners driveway and parking lot. Big branches would be in the leaf bin and leaves would be in the branch bin. And worse yet, there would be lawn chairs, flower pots, plastic bags, fiberglass sheeting, building materials, etc. thrown in amongst the leaves, grass, weeds and spruce branches.

Because some people disregarded the rules and did not appreciate this unique opportunity, our refuse yard is being closed and moved to a site where it can be regulated with personnel and set times.

Who do you think will be the most aggravated and vocal about this change?

Nevertheless, we all have lost this exceptional privilege because some refused to follow the rules and regulations.

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