Local businesses are working together

Joy Allgood, owner of Joy Bakery Cafe, in front of the expansion to the Simcoe location. The cafe is expanding into the next store front to add a wheelchair accessible washroom, more seating, a meeting area, and a larger kitchen. Ashley Taylor/Delhi News Record

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Two environmentally friendly businesses have teamed up in Norfolk.

Joy Bakery Café, run by Joy Allgood, has a new satellite location in Long Point Eco-Adventures’ newest building overlooking the marsh on Lake Erie.

“Joy is a new addition to our family. It’s going to be an amazing year for sure,” said Karen Matthews, general manager at Burning Kiln Winery and Long Point Eco-Adventures.

It all came about after a discussion in the cafe. One of the Eco-Adventures owners happened to be in Joy Café in Simcoe and struck up a conversation with Allgood about their needs for a café.

“We were both excited about the prospect of partnering. The niche we fill, they needed. It just made sense for us to take care of it rather than them recreating the wheel,” said Allgood.

“We both like the way the other business operates, we’re both as green as possible so the partnership looked good from that point of view,” Allgood added.

Joy Bakery Café is also expanding the Robinson Street, Simcoe, location to add more seating, a wheelchair accessible washroom, a meeting space, and a larger kitchen.

The satellite location will open May 16 and will stay open until Labour Day.


Hometown Brew Co.

Hometown Brew Co. is another business that has taken up a spot at Long Point Eco-Adventures.

Hometown has moved its brewing operation to the Eco-Adventures property on Front Road outside St. Williams. The process of brewing on the property is being taken in two steps.

The first step is a smaller location that will not interfere with the summer traffic at Eco-Adventures.

The company will be begin construction in the fall for a larger location with space for a brewing room, a tasting room, and retail.

“It was one of those things that just happened organically,” Dusty Zamecnik, co-owner of Hometown Brew, said about the prospect of brewing at this location.

Zamecnik said when Hometown Brew Co. was just beginning he and his business partners spent a lot of their time at Burning Kiln Winery, where they were able to start conversations with the owners of Eco-Adventures.

While neither of the businesses have financial backing in the other, the two sharing goals is helping both of them rise together.

“Think about it, you can come out to the winery to taste some local wine and head across the street to taste some local beer as well,” said Karen Matthews.

Zamecnik said that their partnership is more about aligning their marketing.

“It’s a way of commonly drawing people in to really tell the story of Norfolk flavours,” Zamecnik said.

Hometown Brew Co. products are available in several area restaurants including Devlin’s Country Bistro, The Combine Norfolk, Lago Port Dover, The Beach House, among others.


Magnolia Hospitality Co.

Flavours are coming together with an all Norfolk food and wine pairing.

Magnolia Hospitality Co., the company behind The Combine Norfolk and Lago Port Dover, is starting its newest project at Burning Kiln Winery under the name of Canned Heat.

Ryan Rivard, the chef fronting Magnolia Hospitality Co., said he catered events at Burning Kiln last year.

“As we started to work together I noticed some of the synergies that existed between our companies were pretty significant,” said Rivard.

Canned Heat’s service will start in June, with hopes for June 1 depending on construction.

The cooking facilities for Canned Heat are being created inside of a 35-foot sea canister that will house the kitchen and a service bar, with a portable pizza oven attached to the end of it.

Matthews of Burning Kiln said “the more we can work together, the stronger we can get together.”

The owners at Burning Kiln decided to look into the food culture in Norfolk County, which is when Rivard came into the picture.

“The idea of working with Ryan is really exciting because he really gets it,” said Matthews. “He gets that it’s all about this beautiful bounty we have in Norfolk County.”

Matthews spoke about the care that Rivard puts into his food, which will be able to stand up to and match the care they put into their wine at Burning Kiln.