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Lake Lisgar fountain comes out for the winter

The Tillsonburg Kinsmen Fountaineers again assembled at Lake Lisgar last Saturday to remove the town’s fountain for the 28th time.

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Despite cooler temperatures and some rain, the Kinsmen members using a material handler (provided by 360 West), making the job look easy.


The Kinship 1 barge was also removed from the lake after another successful season of weed harvesting by lakeside resident Frank Kempf.

The real job for three of the Fountaineers was cleaning off all of the zebra mussels. Zebra mussels, which first arrived in Canada in 1986, have been in Lake Lisgar since 1993 when a barge from Port Dover, constructing the Kinsmen Bridge, imported them into the lake.

It was truly amazing that the fountain even functioned properly by the end of the season, said Pat Carroll, chair of the Fountaineers, as there was only a small area of the intake screen for its 15-horsepower pump not covered by the invasive urchins.

It took three hours of power washing with a 4,000-PSI steam cleaner to clean the fountain and then several more hours to disassemble the lights for cleaning. The water in the eight ballasts was pumped out for the winter storage.

Town residents can expect to see the Fountaineers back at the lake to launch the fountain on the first Saturday in May 2022.

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