'Insider win' impacts $15,000 lottery payout

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A Waterford man is participating in a special process for lottery winners who have a close family connection to someone who sells lottery tickets.

Rodney Maracle has claimed a lottery prize of $15,180 through Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s Pools feature. Maracle purchased the ticket at the Magic Mart in Waterford.

“As Rodney’s wife is an employee at an authorized OLG retailer, this prize falls within OLG’s definition of an Insider Win,” the gaming authority said in a news release.

OLG reports that Maracle has completed the first of a two-step process reserved for “insider” wins.

Under this process, OLG will publicize the win for 30 days as part of its due diligence. If there are no competing claims for the prize, it will be awarded to Maracle on June 11.

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