Flippin' Mike's Tillsonburg specializes in burgers

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When you walk into Flippin’ Mike’s Tillsonburg, you actually get to meet Flippin’ Mike.


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“People only know me as Flippin’ Mike,” laughed owner Mike Jourdy.

The one thing he wants people to know is that his new burger restaurant at 118 Broadway is more than ‘just a burger joint.’

“If you come to my food truck (235 Dundas), it’s burgers. I’m a burger guy. Here, we’re trying to do more upscale. We do something that’s totally different from everybody else. Everything is 100 per cent homemade, nothing is frozen. My beef is freshly ground. Same with my lamb, the lamb is freshly ground. Our potatoes are freshly cut. We do everything ourselves. I’m all about the freshness. And the creativity.”

Last weekend he introduced a breakfast menu.

“You want to see a menu of it?” Jourdy grinned. “I’ll give you a preview.”

Breakfasts include three savoury options (with traditional eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, homefries, toast options), pancakes, breakfast poutine, eggs benedict, breakfast sandwiches, and the big breakfast charcuterie pancake board which serves two or four.

Flippin’ Mike’s are open 8-8, Sundays 8-2. When the bar is licensed they will stay open until 10 p.m.

“Yesterday (last Wednesday) at lunchtime we had a lineup out the door waiting.”

Current indoor seating is 32. He has also been approved for a five-table outdoor patio.

“I specialize in burgers. When you come in here at lunch time, dinner time, 99 per cent of the time you’re going to order a burger. That’s what I am, I pride myself on the burger,” said Jourdy.

It should be noted there are many non-burger options on the menu, including fresh haddock breaded on site.


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“I want to be here, I want to be the best. I outgrew my food truck, I needed a restaurant. I would call myself a burger place that will serve breakfast… and it will be a flippin’ good breakfast.”

One of his favourites is the Flippin’ Philly Special – it’s at the top of his 16 specialty burger menu.

“I always recommend the Philly. Two patties, two pieces of cheddar cheese, a fried egg, two onion rings, peameal bacon, sliced bacon, then my Flippin’ sauce, on a garlic toasted bun. You get a bit of flavour in everything. And, I think, the garlic on the bun will wow you.”

They also have a vegetarian option.

“It’s fantastic. Portobello mushroom, and I marinate it in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and soya sauce with a little garlic. A little bit of salt. For all Veggie Lovers I have a certain area on the flat-top where we cook it, so no meat’s ever touched it. Then we saute onions and peppers and stuff like that, smother it with Swiss cheese, put it together, Flippin’ sauce.

“Nobody does what I do here. Nobody. They may say they make a fresh burger, and they may do fries, but I’ve tried some places and I’ve not tasted burger like mine. I’ve not tasted fries like mine.

“It’s the quality that goes into it. It’s quality meat, no fillers. It’s perfect, beautiful meat, with a little bit of salt, and we smash it down on a flat-top.

“If you take my Philly, compare it to fast-food burgers, you’re paying for quality, you’re paying for substance and you’re paying for a real good burger… versus one that’s just thrown together. If you watch us cook a burger, it’s art. It’s the way I do it. It’s got to be put together a certain way, and our cooks understand that. So you’re paying more (than fast-food burgers) but you’re paying for something that’s worth every penny.”

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