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All Candidates Debate in Tillsonburg Oct. 2

The Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an All Candidates Debate on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

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Traditionally held during the municipal election year, these are the details for this year’s event which will be held at the Lions Auditorium, Tillsonburg Community Centre, 45 Hardy Avenue starting at 6 p.m.


The agenda begins with an introduction on the evening’s format by Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce board president Lindsay Tribble, who will be the event’s moderator.

The debate begins with the Mayoral Candidates, Stephen Molnar and Mark Renaud, who each have three-minute opening remarks. Up to 25 minutes of questions and answers follows, then two-minute closing remarks per candidate.

“We feel we’ll probably have 25 minutes of questions,” said Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Renken. “We’ll be requesting questions from our Chamber membership, my email still has to go out for that, and of course the general public will likely step up for that.”

Following a 10-minute break while the Chamber sets up more tables and mics, Councillor Candidates will each begin with two minutes introductory remarks, followed by up to 90 minutes of Q&A. Then closing remarks of one minute for each candidate.

There are 12 Councillor Candidates – Max Adam, Cindy Allen, Dave Beres, Penny Esseltine, Deb Gilvesy, Sherry Hamilton, Mike Holly, Pete Luciani, James Murphy, Chris Parker, Chris Rosehart, and Kim Sage.

Not all of them had confirmed their attendance as of Monday, but Renken was confident they would all participate.

“Ninety minutes seems like a lot of time for questions and answers, for the Councillors, but because there are so many of them, then we have it allotted. If it’s less, that’s okay we’ll just end the evening earlier.”

The All Candidates Debate is open to the public – the Lions Auditorium was nearly filled to capacity for the last municipal debate in 2014.

At the Oct. 22 election, Tillsonburg voters will select one Mayor and six Councillors.

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