The days float into each other

Linda Hoffman, Two Cents Worth, Tillsonburg News



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    Is it really cowardice?

    I admit it. I am not very brave.I avoid whatever might cause me discomfort physically, mentally, financially, emotionally or any other “ally” you can think of.
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    More words

    I want to welcome all the readers of this reincarnation and co-mingling of our various community newspapers.
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    What is your 'normal'?

    Are you anxious to get back to normal?Everyone is always saying they want to get back to the way things were before COVID-19, but do we really know what that ...
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    Sleeping in the heat

    It is so hard to get a good, rejuvenating sleep when it is so hot and muggy.Most of you have air conditioners, I expect, but even that is not always ...
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    Be a lifeguard!

    COVID-19 is in control and we need to take our power back.There is much going on in our world these days but we are preoccupied with the state of our ...
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    Read all the way to the bottom

    Does anyone remember the old commercial where the woman in her nightgown and housecoat, with curlers in her hair, comes running out of the house, garbage bags in hand, yelling ...
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    Think about it

    In between puttering I have been reading some interesting books.Not sure where I got the Ontario History, The Ontario Historical Society, Vol.