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It was a sad week in Tillsonburg Slo-Pitch.

On June 26th the slo-pitch community lost one of its dedicated supporters.

Bonnie Temple passed away after an illness that never kept her from being at the diamonds every single night whether it be Men’s or Ladies action taking place!

Bonnie was always available to keep score for whichever team required a scorekeeper and whenever I received her scoresheet it was thorough, including extended stats for every player. This was a joy in her life, as well as watching when her husband Troy umpired or played. She also wasn’t afraid to offer some advice when Troy was struggling at the plate.

She will be greatly missed and it was never more evident when Tillsonburg Men’s Slo-Pitch honoured her memory with a moment of silence at 6:30 prior to Troy’s game on Annandale 4. The teams slated to play on Annandale 2 and 3 at 6:30 walked down to the diamond to participate and show their support.

President Chris Parker spoke eloquently as the players, umpires and fans removed their hats during the ceremony, lining up on the baselines. Robert Q Travel wore pink ribbons during their game as well as several executive members. There was also a moment of silence prior to the 7:45 game as well.

Bonnie is also survived by her children Jesse and Tonya, also former slopitch players, as well as her puppies Mario and Spezza and slo-pitch spectator Bob.

The end of the week brought more sadness when we learned of the passing of longtime town councillor Brian Stephenson. Brian was for the people, always involving himself in events and charities. I may be one of the few to remember that he was an early pioneer in local Men’s Slo-Pitch.

Like I have always said, slo-pitch is a fibre of Tillsonburg, many relationships formed through this sport!

R.I.P. Bonnie and Brian.

Men’s A

Robert Q Travel won a big match-up with a short-handed Haines Roofing to remain in first place with just one loss.

Maple View Variety took two of three knocking off G.C. Lounsbury Inc. and B’s Matteo’s Pizza, they dropped a one-run decision to Platinum Concrete Diamond Kings. Diamond Kings also mercied Corey’s Restaurant.

Haines lost by forfeit to Ward’s Automotive and beat Diamond Kings.

Robert Q Travel 24,

Haines Roofing 21

Robert Q – Josh Stubbs 5-5 HR, Mike Wencel 4-5, Ryan Black HR, Tim Morgan HR, Steve Derks 3 HR, Bob Evans HR

Haines – Scott Harris 4-5, Craig Smith 3-4 HR, Dave Phillips 2 HR, Kevin Harrop HR, Phil Durham HR, John Ralf HR, Chris Durham HR

Robert Q trailed by two after four complete. They put thirteen up over their final two at-bats en route to victory. Steve Derks led the Q with three homers and seven runs batted in.

Maple View Variety 19,

G.C. Lounsbury Inc. 18

Maple View – Nathan Boldt 5-5 2 HR, Randy Miller 3-4, Johnny Epp HR

G.C. – Colin McDonald 3-4, Cheyne Sarafinchin 3-4 HR, Stephen DeBlaire 3 HR, Trevor Stuyt 2 HR

Maple View outscored GC in the final frame by one. Nathan Boldt’s two-run homer won it.

Maple View Variety 29,

Matteo’s Pizza 21

Maple View – Henry Boldt 5-5, Ryan Miller 5-5 3 HR, Nathan Boldt HR, Tim Townsend HR, Peter Epp HR, Ben Boldt – Grand Slam

Matteo’s – Dallas Dalby 5-5, Johnny Klassen 4-5 3 HR, Abe Boldt HR

Matteo’s plated nine seventh-inning runs to make the score respectable. Ryan Miller homered in his first three at-bats to lead Maple View.

Platinum Concrete Diamond Kings 26,

Maple View Variety 25

Platinum – DJ Schnar 5-5, Dave Boldt 4-4

Maple View – Peter Epp 5-5, Johnny Epp 4-4

Maple View Variety scored ten runs in their last at-bat to lose by just one. Dave Boldt and D.J. Schnar each scored four runs for Diamond Kings.

Platinum Concrete Diamond Kings 21,

Corey’s Restaurant 6

Platinum – Dave Boldt 5-5, Tyler Lamb 5-5, Shawn Finch HR, Joel Longstaff HR, Jeff Loveys HR

Corey’s – Nick Joese 2-2, Kevin MacDonald 2-2, Jason Ashton HR

Everyone in the winner’s order scored at lest one run.

Men’s B

The Pelicans got into the win column Friday night beating R N D Carpentry Kekambas by four. Sunrise Equipment Roosters beat Team Awesome in an emotional game.

Hounds came from behind to defeat Matteo’s Pizza in the only other action.

Pelicans 19,

R n D Carpentry Kekambas 14

Pelicans – Nick Lonsbary 3-4, Brent Schooley 4-4 3 HR

R n D – Kyle Smith 4-5, Evan Prouse 3-4, Kyle Hollister HR

Brent Schooley homered three times and drove in five in the Pelicans first win.

Sunrise Equipment Roosters 21,

Team Awesome 11

Sunrise – Mark Hamulecki 4-4, Steve Hamulecki 5-5, Abe Krahn HR, Nate Malcolm HR

Team Awesome – Matt Davis 3-4, Adam Swance 3-4

Team Awesome’s eight man squad was no match for a Sunrise squad playing with heavy hearts. Nate Malcolm led with a homer and a pair of doubles.

Hounds 21,

Matteo’s Pizza 13

Hounds – John Armstrong 4-4, Jimmy McKillen 4-4, Scott Ball HR, Mike Bouck HR

Matteo’s – Martin Klassen 3-3 2 HR, Johnny Klassen 3-4

Hounds scored runs in succession, scoring first four in the fourth then followed with five and six in the next two.

Men’s C

A make-up game made for a weird schedule for Jokers and Orchard Crest Farms as the two faced each other on Tuesday and Thursday night. Jokers won both meetings.

The only other C action was between the top two teams with Hit N run avenging an earlier loss to Trophy Property Corp. Expos.

Jokers 15,

Orchard Crest Farms 11

Jokers – Wes McDougall 4-4, Matt Freelan 4-4, Chris White HR

Orchard Crest – Shaun Elliott 4-4, Kalvin Smith 3-4

Jokers stole this one away scoring 10 runs in their last at-bat. Matt Freelan scored three runs for Jokers.

Jokers 18,

Orchard Crest Farms 17

Jokers – Rob Stortz 3-3 2 HR, Joe Ryan 2-2, Chris White HR

Orchard Crest – Shaun Elliott 4-4 HR, Steve Goodwin 4-4, Kalvin Smith HR

Once again Jokers won in come from behind fashion. Darryl Neville’s single walked it off for them.

Hit N Run 24,

Trophy Property Corp. Expos 15

Hit N Run – Jacob Enns 4-4, Jake Enns 5-6 HR, Diedrich Klassen HR, Abe Klassen 2 HR, Paul Reimer HR, Franz Klassen HR, John Dyck HR

Trophy Property – Will Hanson 4-4, Dave Weaver 3-4, Trevor Fleet HR, Kyle Jones HR

Hit N Run took full advantage of their seven homers, which contributed to 15 of their runs.

Men’s D

Sandy Shore Brew Jays had two shots to knock off the undefeated Wrecking Crew due to a scheduling quirk, playing them in consecutive games.

They came out successful on Friday winning by 10 after losing on Tuesday.

Sluggers are pushing Wrecking Crew for first now as they won a pair last week over Bad News Bears and Catlack Excavating.

Sandy Shore Brew Jays 23,

Wrecking Crew 13

Sandy Shore – Dylan Cremery 4-4 2 HR, Josh Knoflock 3-3, Tom Csoff 2 HR, Josh Mabee HR, Gary Csoff HR

Wrecking Crew – Frank Redecopp 4-4, Henry Peters 3-3, John Wiehe HR

Dylan Cremery drove in seven runs for the winners.

Wrecking Crew 20,

Sandy Shore Brew Jays 11

Wrecking Crew – Jake Hildebrandt 3-4, Henry Peters 4-4

Sandy Shore – Ryan Heavens 3-4, Tom Csoff 3-4

Jake Hildebrandt led Wrecking Crew with a pair of long triples.

Sluggers 23,

Bad News Bears 13

Sluggers – James Dyck 5-5, David Berg 4-5, Frank Harms HR

Bears – Jordan White 5-5, Cam Curtis 5-5, Brian Beaumont HR

Sluggers plated seven in each of their first two at-bats. Everyone in the winner’s order drove in at least one run.

Sluggers 16,

Catlack Excavating 14

Sluggers – Pete Dyck 3-3 HR, Dave Thiessen 4-5, Frank Harms HR, Jake Friesen HR

Catlack – Chad Vigar 5-5 3 HR, Troyer Kovari 4-5

Dave Thiessen’s two-run double won it for Sluggers.

Ladies A

The top two teams remained unbeaten setting up for a big clash on July 9th.

Corey’s Restaurant mercied Pink Sox and Crazy Pitches while Indi-Girls also mercied Crazy Pitches but had a tougher time against Pink Sox as they were minus all of their pitchers.

Jays mercied Shady Akers and Service Master mercied SOS Towing.

Advanced Auto/Morgan Realty mercied George’s Auto.

Corey’s Restaurant 18,

Pink Sox 0

Corey’s – Shannon Oneil 4-4, Jill Ferguson 4-4, Tracey Pressey HR, Lauren Duffy 2 HR, Steph Nevins HR

Pink Sox – Melissa Barnim 2-2, Rachelle Platteuw 2-2

Tracey Pressey and Steph Nevins were Corey’s first two batters and homered back-to-back to start the game.

Advanced Auto/Morgan Realty 18,

George’s Auto 6

Advanced – Belinda Loewen 4-5, Bri Johnston 4-4

George’s – Pam Brandon 3-3, Kerilyn Bruckler 3-3

Bri Johnston and Belinda Loewen scored four runs for the winners.

Corey’s Restaurant 20,

Pitches Be Crazy 1

Corey’s – Rose Finesse 5-5, Tracey Pressey 4-5

Crazy Pitches – Kaylee Kozak 2-2, Lyndsay Miller 1-2

Tracey Pressey drove in six runs for Corey’s.

Jays 17,

Shady Akers 2

Jays – Tina Schmidt 4-4, Stacy Lauwerier 4-4

Shady Akers – Roxy Dekeyser 2-2

Stacy Lauwerier had a bases clearing triple for Jays.

Indi-Girls 20,

Pink Sox 14

No last names on scoresheet.

Indi-Girls 21,

Crazy Pitches 3

No last names on scoresheet.

Service Master 17,

SOS Towing 4

Service Master – Becky Dancy 4-4, Becky Abbott 3-3

SOS – Kim Hurd 3-3, Becky Brock 3-3

Becky Abbott and Kelly Verscheure each scored three runs for Service Master.