Woodstock's Chris Swift looks to lead the way for the Libertarian Party in Oxford in the upcoming provincial election

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Libertarians believe the status quo has got to go.

The Libertarian Party of Ontario has announced that Woodstock's Chris Swift will represent them in Oxford in June's provincial election.

Swift is a full-time parent of two children with experience in the auto manufacturing, retail, service and entertainment industries. He currently serves as the Secretary on the Executive Committee for the Ontario Libertarian Party.

He says that he long believes a change is needed in the way the government operates.

“I believe that the status quo no longer has any interest in serving the people that help to elect them,” said Swift. “One thing I keep hearing from people in Oxford is that they can not in good conscience, or faith, continue to vote for swollen government or status quo policies and wasteful spending.”

To change that he, along with the Libertarian Party, look to offer more freedom of choice, individual and property rights and liberty. Long-time platforms of the party include seeing all individuals and businesses keep more of the money they earn along with having more private options to compete with government run entities

Swift has been vouching for, and promoting, the philosophy of Libertarianism since he was eligible to vote. While not overly know, he believes that it is one of the fastest growing political philosophies in all of North America, and for good reason.

“It's reflective of that people want to see real change and not just identity politics and swing voting,” he said.

There are three main concerns coming into the June 7 election that Swift hopes to change: hydro rates, healthcare and jobs.

To help improve hydro rates, Libertarians look to repeal the Green Energy Act, eliminate time-of-use billing, remove subsidized power from the grid and end, what Swift says are, “discriminatory delivery charges which are currently crushing rural residents.”

For jobs, Swift says he would also repeal “the job-killing” carbon tax, end corporate taxation outright save for HST and end corporate welfare by eliminating subsidized grants and loans for corporations.

Libertarians also seek to have more private healthcare options to compete along side government entities. With offering more choice, they believe that this would bring costs and waiting times down while strengthen the economy. They would also offer an average per-person healthcare funding, which is attached to the individual and not OHIP, while giving people the freedom of choice to switch between the two by giving OHIP 90-days notice.

Swift explained that he fully understands and can relate to the struggles that poorly designed, unfair government policies and restrictions have create for Ontario and the people of Oxford.

“A vote for me is a vote for individual rights and responsibilities,” said Swift.

The Libertarians are hosting a pub night at Charles Dickens in Woodstock from on April 10 7-10 p.m.. The event will feature members of from several different ridings, and those interested or who have any questions are welcome to attend.

To view the Libertarian Party of Ontario's full platform or for more information on Oxford candidate Chris Swift, visit libertarian.on.ca/Chris-Swift.



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